10 Crafty Washi Tape DIY Wedding Ideas

Washi tape is an amazing tape that originated from a paper manufacturer in Japan. Washi tape is a style of masking tape that comes in a variety of widths, colors, and patterns. With so much to choose from, it is no wonder why washi tape became an immediate hit with crafty decorators and handy do-it-yourselfers. You can create almost anything with washi tape, and it does not damage the surface below it! Crafty parents have used washi tape to create beautiful wall art in their child’s room, while more frugal and artsy individuals have combined washi tape with painted canvas boards for a retro artwork piece on their wall. Whatever you create with washi tape, be it for your wedding, home, or simply as a creative tape on your gift wrapping, it is bound to be brightly colored and entirely unique!

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Ten Simple Washi Tape DIY Wedding Ideas

1. DIY wedding stationary decor with washi

Wedding favors are a massive expense that many brides-to-be overlook. Not only do handcrafted wedding invitations cost quite a lot, especially when a bride’s budget is only a few thousand, but brides often forget they have to have Thank You cards, RSVP cards, and more! Fortunately, decorating your own DIY wedding invitations is quite simple when you have some colorful washi tape at hand! Click on the photos to enlarge.

2. DIY Wedding Favor Coasters

Use washi tape as a way to add some colors onto your simple coasters. Adding a fun cross hatch design in a multitude of colors, or simply using your wedding theme, you can really delight your guests with these unique coasters!

3. DIY Wedding Favor Snacks

Baking your favors instead? Then use some washi tape with a bit of metal wire to make adorable twisty ties like the example below. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge!

4. DIY Wedding Candles

Use washi tape on large white candles or tea lights to add a fun and festive twist! Washi tape can easily cover the metal casings around affordable tea lights, while it can also add some color and sparkle to a cheap set of large white candles! Click on the images below to view the examples.

5. DIY Wedding Cupcake flags

Add little decorations to the top of your cupcakes for some added color or as a way to tell what flavor they are! If you are really crafty you can add washi tape to the actual cupcake holders themselves!

6. DIY Wedding Drink stirrers

Having some delicious cocktails being served at your wedding? Why not spruce up those boring drink stirrers with some washi tape for a fun and festive twist? Click on the picture below to enlarge the example.

7. DIY Wedding Cup decorations

If you don’t want to rent all of the dishware for your wedding, then getting cheap plastic cups may be a fantastic and cheap alternative. Unfortunately many DIY wedding ideas include the venue, however washi tape opens up a whole new range of DIY wedding ideas. Instead of leaving those plastic cups clear and boring, use some washi tape and really make them seem part of your wedding theme!

8. DIY Wedding Garland

Using decorated garland above wedding tables not only looks phenomenal, but is quite affordable. Here we have just one example of wedding garland from washi tape, however you can include a multitude of colors, styles, and patterns for your DIY wedding ideas!

9. DIY Wedding Vase decorations

Using bottles and mason jars are perfect for a rustic DIY wedding with a very natural feel. Unfortunately those jars can be quite difficult to include in any color theme because of their material, however washi tape provides the perfect solution! Click on the two DIY wedding ideas below to view larger examples!

10. DIY Wedding Table Runner

Lastly, add some beautiful stripes to your table runner or table cloth at your wedding reception with some washi tape! It looks phenomenal and is so incredibly easy to apply. While it may take a bit of patience getting all of the washi tape put on, you will definitely be satisfied with the overall finished product!

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  1. Rose says:

    My mother decorates boxes with washi tape but I never thought to use it for diy favors or even wedding decor! these look so fab I’m definitely going to include some in my wedding 😀

    • Stephanie says:

      Glad to hear it! I absolutely adore washi tape because you can literally use it to make anything look fantastic! Whether its scrap booking or diy wedding decor, washi tape works 😀

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