10 Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Your groomsmen have been with you through thick and thin, have stuck by through a myriad of adventures and have helped with all the wedding plans so that you and your partner can embark on your own epic adventure together. The whole idea of a groomsmen gift is to truly thank them for all of their hard work and help getting you prepared for the journey down the aisle. To let them know how much they mean to you, and to show your appreciation for their help on the big day as they calm down your nerves.

No one knows your mates better than you do, so make sure to think long and hard on the perfect groomsmen gifts. If you need a bit of inspiration to help get your brain working and thinking of the perfect gifts, then check out these ten great groomsmen gift ideas below!

groomsmen gift ideas

10 Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas

1. Epic Coaster Set

Instead of going with the normal flasks and beer mugs, why not consider getting something non alcoholic based for your groomsmen? Coasters are a very unique wedding gift for groomsmen that definitely will be appreciated, but don’t just go with any ordinary coasters – get some awesome metal ones with their favorite team, game symbol, or theme on it!

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2. Nerdy Key Chain

Key chains are great because everyone loves them, they can be almost any shape and a ton of different sizes, and they’re very cost efficient! Everyone understands how expensive weddings are, so if you’re looking for a smaller groomsmen gift, or simply want a little something to add into their goodie box, then check out these awesome nerdy key chains below orview more ideas on Etsy:

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3. Personalized Flasks

Personalized flasks are excellent groomsmen gifts, but they can run a bit higher priced if you’re looking for a flask with a custom box and all the works. Depending on your budget though, getting a fancy flask set may be exactly what you’re looking for! Check out these great flask below that span across a range of prices and styles

4. Bottle Opener of Awesomeness

Bottle openers are ALWAYS a great gift for groomsmen. Not only will the guys likely be throwing back more than just a couple beers on the days leading up to the wedding, but bottle openers are something that simply get used time and time again. Below we found some absolutely awesome metal bottle openers made of high quality metal and with some truly fantastic designs. View these bottle openers on Etsy or check out their photos below for some inspiration!

View Groomsmen Bottle Openers

5. Engraved Beer Mugs

Boozy gifts are definitely going to be a hit no matter what, and when it comes to a wedding you can definitely get creative. Here we’ve got some great examples of engraved beer mugs that will be perfect for groomsmen both as a gift and for on the wedding day! Whether you want to go for a stylish frosted look, or you want to get their own silly caricature put on the glass, you’ve got a plethora of options!

6. Stylish Pocket Watches

Nothing says class and sophistication quite like a stylish pocket watch does. With the ability to have tasteful monograms etched onto the front of most watches, they instantly become a phenomenal groomsmen gift for a classy wedding! Additionally, pocket watches come in a range of styles – steampunk, simple, elegant, etched, and more – allowing you to perfectly coordinate the watches with the rest of the wedding theme!


7. Cuff links/Tie Bar

Cuff links and tie bars are something that is actually part of the groomsmen attire so it is always a fantastic gift option. You can get incredibly creative with the designs and easily match the cuff links and tie bars to the wedding theme, or you can just go all out awesome and get random super hero cuff links or Lego tie bars! Check out these examples below for some inspiration!

8. Etched Shot Glasses

The weeks leading up to the wedding are going to definitely be filled with a fair bit of alcohol for the guys. Calming the nerves and just enjoying hanging out together means that there is more than enough reason to break out the whisky bottles and have a few shots! If you know the boys like to drink, then why not reward all of their hard work on the wedding week with some fantastic personalized shot glasses? You can easily get shot glasses for everyone in the bridal party for a great price, or hunt for really unique individual glasses that will mean something special to each of the guys.

9. Alcohol Gift Box/Arrangement

For those of you a bit more creative at heart, setting up a unique arrangement of goodies can be a great way to express your appreciation and love for the groomsmen. Find what container you want all of your alcohol drinks and items to be housed in, then go about coordinating the gifts perfectly! Think whisky and Coke, whisky and cigars, gin and Coke, Red Bull and Jager for some helpful combinations for your gift basket, or just look at some of the clever arrangements below!

10. Super Hero T-Shirts

We’ve all seen the hilarious photos around Facebook and the internet, but how about your wedding photos being the next ones that go viral? Groomsmen with superhero shirts allows your boys to become their idol for a day. With a photographer ready, and a fantastic shirt that will be worn again and again, a super hero T-shirt provides some phenomenal wedding day photos that are full of life and character, as well as an absolutely amazing wedding gift for your groomsmen.

groomsmen superhero t shirt


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