How To Throw A Dog-Friendly Star Wars Party

As a dog lover, you would want to have fun with dogs in any way. It could be just in your home or at parks. But of course, you would also want to be able to socialize with other people, particularly those who are dog lovers too. Having a dog-friendly party will be nice no matter what occasion.

But you may also like to mix in your other interests. You could be a fan of Star Wars and would like to have it as a theme for your party. Will it be possible to even with the dogs? The answer is yes, and you have to be smart about it to make it work. Here are the things you should keep in mind in preparation:

1. Place

The place should be safe for the dogs. Dogs are playful and friendly in nature, so they will need a place where they are free to move. Make sure that the place is secured that they will not escape. Another to keep in mind is the decorations. You will surely want it to be Star Wars themed. You will need to research the right ones. As much as possible, avoid cords or anything that will be easily knocked off by dogs.

2. Food

Food is part of a party. There are a variety of Star Wars-themed food and recipes you can find online. What you can do is you could either have something both for the dogs and people. We all know that dogs have their limitations when it comes to food because not are all allowed for them. You can have something are exclusive to them. If you are thinking of spending less though, you can have a menu that is good for both dogs and people, and delicious for both. Another thing to keep in mind is water, and there should be enough for all.

3. Sociability

A party is a great time to meet new people and catch up with friends. And because it is a dog-friendly party, make sure that the dogs are not outcasts but let them join. They can also make new friends with the other dogs present at the party. It will actually be enough distraction for them, but you will have to watch out when a problem arises.

4. Toys

Another thing to keep the dogs distracted is with toys. Because it is a Star Wars-themed, you can definitely have those. Just make sure that they are dog-friendly and not hazardous to them. And also make sure that there is enough for all or else they might fight over it.

5. Games and Contests

 You can also have games that are applicable to their dogs. It will surely add more fun to the party. Good examples are musical chairs or some trick contest. You can also do some contests like a costume contest where the owner and their dog are matched.

6. Gifts and Goodie Bags

A great way to say thank you to your guests is given them some small tokens. You will surely find Star Wars-themed tokens around for both humans and dogs alike.