5 Budget Wedding Tips To Cut Costs on Your Reception

 Wedding Experts Reveal How to Cut Costs on Your Reception

With the prices of weddings going higher and higher each year, it can be a staggering amount for soon to be newlyweds when they add everything up. While some brides may not care as much about the price due to it being the “big day”, many realize the repercussions when they spend enough money on a wedding as some people do when buying a house outright! Fortunately we have some great budget wedding tips from experts below to help you have a phenomenal reception at a fraction of your initial price!


Top 5 Budget Wedding Tips For Receptions

Budget wedding tips for reception

Budget Wedding Tips #1 – Avoid popular venues

When searching for the best wedding reception venue for your budget wedding, it is best to avoid the popular venues. Not only will these likely be booked well in advance (making it difficult for budget wedding planner brides on a time crunch), but they will also be significantly more expensive! Finding less obvious venues and dressing them up to look fabulous can save you thousands!

Budget Wedding Tips #2 – Go on off season

If you have your heart set on a particular venue, but are upset because it is out of your price range, then be a smart budget wedding planner bride and check out rates during off seasons! You can save tons of money and avoid the annoying hassle of trying to book around other brides. While having a winter wedding may sound unpleasant, you can get some great rates and have unique décor ideas during this time!

Budget Wedding Tips #3 – Ignore Cosmetic Flaws

Many brides go into a venue and automatically focus on the décor. While some locations may be extravagantly decorated and will look fabulous, others may look like plain empty halls. Don’t be deceived by the décor! Use your imagination and check out inspirational décor ideas online and see how other brides decked out plain halls with cosmetic flaws and turned them into a phenomenal wedding reception venue!

Budget Wedding Tips #4 – Be Creative

Your imagination and creativity is going to be your biggest asset as a budget wedding planner bride. Thinking outside of the box for  your wedding reception venue will definitely lead you to some creative options that can not only suit your wedding theme, but make for an unforgettable night for all your guests.

For brides looking for a cheap yet amazing venue, tally up the guest list and then make a list of all possible locations that those people can fit in. Bars, pubs, dance halls, schools, fields, and more all can be transformed from mundane locations into a phenomenal wedding reception venue!

Budget Wedding Tips #5 – Joint Venue

The last budget wedding tip for choosing a low cost reception venue is to have a joint venue for both your ceremony and reception. If you are set on a church wedding, see if you can rent a hall in the church for your reception area. If you are looking at having an outdoor wedding, try for a beautiful marquee set up for the reception! This can save you thousands and will make for much easier transportation for both you and the guests during the wedding!

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  1. Christina Tenorio says:

    Right I definitely agree with this entire article on saving money. I’m trying so hard not to focus on cosmetic flaws in my venue (which is a joint one as well since it saved us over $2,000!), but its so easy to stress over little things when planning a wedding. I’m going to try and just bring all the focus into main focal points of the venue so people don’t see some of the hideous paintings on the walls. Maybe I can just cover the paintings with some fabric too? I’m not sure but I don’t want to cover all the walls, just the paintings, any suggestions?!

    • Stephanie says:

      Well, if the venue wont let you take the paintings down, then you have several solutions to cover them up during your ceremony/reception.

      1. lighting – if you use lighting correctly, the walls won’t even be illuminated and you can easily enjoy the main areas of your wedding lit up without having to look at those horrible paintings.

      2. Fabric – you mentioned not wanting to cover all of the walls, however you can do partial panels that can be spaced out so they cover the paintings. Check this photo here: Wedding Drapes – This photo employs partial drapes AND low lighting on the walls.

      Another example of drapes being used is here: More Drapes – you can have these drapes towards the center of your room, or flush against the wall.

      Hope this helped and congratulations to you on your upcoming nuptials!

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