5 Clever Ways To Save on Your Wedding Invitations

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In this day and age, a frugal bride has to get downright devious and crafty to the extreme to save some serious dollars while planning her wedding. With wedding venues charging thousands just to host the ceremony, brides often find themselves struggling to ensure that food, drinks, favors, DJ’s, photographers, dresses, and flowers are all incorporated into the wedding budget without going over. Unfortunately this is a difficult task, and when smaller expenses begin adding up, a bride can be easily overwhelmed. Thankfully any frugal bride who has sufficient time before the wedding to plan can find small ways to cut expenses.

Why Not DIY Wedding Invitations?

wedding invitation disasterQuality wedding invitations are absolutely essential not only because they give your guests all of the nitty gritty details about the who, when, and where of your wedding, but because they are the first piece of your wedding that your guests will see. Hand writing invitations to save $100 is out of the question, especially if you’re trying to invite your friends and family to a classy event. Additionally grabbing your scissors and glue gun is often going to yield very poorly crafted invitations that will often cost you as much in supplies as you would have paid for some simple invitations.

So, let’s just face it guys and gals – most of us are simply not crafty and skilled enough to make it “really” worth our while to do some DIY wedding invitations. They often end up looking like something out of an art class from middle school, and the time it takes to make 50+ invitations is just going to eat up any money saved. Keep to the easier DIY stuff such as baking some cookies and cupcakes to fill up the dessert table, and putting together those cute favors. Invitations should be left to the professionals, BUT that still doesn’t mean you can’t save some money on them!

How To Actually Save Money On Your Invitations

Now that we’ve gotten that DIY wedding invitation stuff out of the way, let’s figure out how to really scrimp and save and still get some beautiful invitations along the way.

Cut All of the Extra Fluff

elaborate wedding invitation

Wedding invitations are the very first thing your guests are going to see for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you need to bedazzle them with excessive bows, buttons, glitter, and what have you. Simple paper invitations look fabulous and classy, so don’t think you need to go all Martha Stewart on your invitations for your guests!

Order Only The Essentials

While you may want to have 100% coordinated papers that have the driving instructions, meal choices and itinerary, it is always best to focus on the essentials. Only order your RSVP and invitations from a professional to cut down on the cost. If you need anything else, add it in either by simply printing on matching stationary, or include a link onto your personal wedding website that will have all the extra info on it.

Buy Professional Design and Print Yourself

printable wedding invitationsThere are many talented graphic designers who have created some fabulous wedding invitation templates. The whole idea behind these is that you simply purchase the design from the seller, give them your details and info about the wedding, and then you’ll receive your own digital wedding invitations.

Once you’ve got the digital layout and design of your invitations you can choose to print them off anywhere. Whether it’s a local print shop, your home printer, or an online service that you found a deal on, you’re going to get the exact same results (provided you use the same quality paper). This is a great way to get a fabulous design that can be custom tailored to your needs and still save $100+ on your invitations!

View Printable Wedding Invitations On Etsy

Quid Pro Quo

Invitations are created by people, and people need things – not just money. If there is a local print shop or nearby seller who does wedding invitations, why not approach them with a novel idea? If you own your own shop, or you have a unique skill of your own, see if you can do a trade or get a discount!

If you’re a baker, why not provide them with store gift cards so they can come in anytime they like? Or if you’re an accountant, see if you can provide them with tax services in exchange for some wedding invitations (or a discount on them). The dollar bill is simply a medium of exchange, so get creative and start thinking about things from a different angle!

*This can also be applied to almost every aspect of your wedding. If you’ve got something to trade or a service you can provide others, see if anyone is up for an exchange! The worst you can get is a no!

No larger than 5×7

mail out wedding invitationsNot only are larger invitations going to run you more money, but you’ve also got to mail out those suckers. The larger the envelopes, the more they weigh and the more stamps you’re going to have to put on each envelope. Additionally, you may end up having to ship them as a parcel if you decided to get all fancy and add in a lot of extras – this means it can cost anywhere from $2+ to ship each invitation!

Finding ways to cut costs isn’t always easy, but that’s why professionals are here to help. As an online designer I not only create custom wedding invitations and designs, but I can print them out or simply provide couples with a digital copy of the invitations so they can choose their own printing methods. I hear couples complaining all of the time about the costs of their wedding, but when you choose to find smaller ways to shave off a few dollars here and there, you can easily come in well under budget and still have a fabulous wedding!

Jessie Morley
With a lifelong passion for design, I finally took a leap and created my stationary business called Mint Cloud LLC. It actually started as a side project a few years back, but after I began creating invitations and stationary for various events, I realized it was something I wanted to make into a full time career. Now Mint Cloud LLC is a booming business that offers a wide selection of fabulous invitations for various events including weddings, birthdays, baby showers and more! Check out my shop at Etsy to see some of my designs: MintCloud LLC

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