5 Creative Ideas For Your Something Blue

5 Creative Ideas For Your Something Blue

All brides are familiar with the adage: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. While everything else can be fairly simple to incorporate into a wedding, many brides find the ‘something blue’ difficult especially if it conflicts with a specific color scheme. Instead of racking your brain to think of a way to have a blue element featured on yourself, why not check out these creative ideas below and see if any is the answer to your blue woes!

Blue Undergarments

Blue looks fabulous on any skin tone, and you can easily incorporate your something blue in a more….discreet way. Instead of having the virginal white under garments, surprise your new hubby with a sexy set of blue lingerie underneath! Get lighter blue for thinner gowns, or go for a deep true blue for thick gowns that can hide it!

something blue ideas undergarments blue bridal undergarments

Oh those shoes!

If you are a bit worried about going for all blue shoes (which look fabulous by the way), you can incorporate a small blue bow on your wedding shoes instead! Another unique fashion that is recently coming into play is having blue undersides of your shoes! Check out the photos below for some examples!

something blue shoes something blue shoes

Nail polish

Use some beautiful baby blue nail polish on your fingers, toes, or both for a great way to have that something blue in your wedding! You can get unique designs instead of solid nails, or you can simply use a French manicure with blue tips instead of white!

blue wedding nails blue wedding nails

Stylish Blue Garter

A popular and creative way to have some blue featured on yourself during your big day is by having it on your garter! These intricate and essential pieces of your undergarments can be handmade to suit your specific style, or you can buy ones premade with blue incorporated into them. Either way, a garter is a very discreet and common way to include something blue!

blue wedding garter blue wedding garter

Put Some Ribbon On It

Ribbon is used in so many ways on the wedding day, and can easily be switched to a beautiful blue color for the bride! Use blue ribbon on pinned up hair, on the bridal bouquet, or even for a striking way to lace up the back of a dress! Additionally, blue ribbon can also be used as thin belt around the wedding dress for an absolutely stunning colored accent.

blue wedding ribbon

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  1. Grace Renard says:

    Won’t the blue lingerie set show up under the wedding dress? I dont want a garter but I do want to adhere to the “something blue” tradition however I’ve got a summer wedding and the dress is quite thin since its going to be on the beach. If I were to get blue lingerie for under my dress I would probably have to wear a slip and then that would just be more layers and I’d probably fry up out on the beach 🙁

  2. Sari Bainton says:

    Lovin the list but it’s missing a few more unconventional ideas like blue bridal hair! I generally have pastel colored hair and when you strip out the color it is bleached white, so I’m going to have light hair with blue in the curls like the photo below for my unique “something blue”
    blue bridal hair

    • Stephanie says:

      Simply stunning!I absolutely adore the blue in with the brown as well! Are you doing brown in your hair like in the photo or just the blue?

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