5 Fabulous Paper Rose Tutorials

paper flower tutorial

Five Fabulous Paper Rose Tutorials

1. Large Crepe Paper Rose Tutorial

paper flower tutorial

Crepe rose tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • Printable template found here: crepe rose pdf
  • Crepe paper of your color choice that is double sided
  • Pencil
  • Floral wire covered with paper
  • Craft tape
  • Craft glue


  1. Print out the template and use it to make five teardrop petals and fifteen heart petals on your double sided crepe paper
  2. Cut out the calyx and the three different types of leaves on some green paper and set aside for later use
  3. Begin shaping your petals by using a pencil to curl the top edges and cupping it towards the center
  4. Wrap around three stems together and secure them with your craft/floral tape for the base of your rose
  5. Now you can start building the actual flower. Begin by taking your teardrop petals first and securing them around the stem with your floral tape. This will be the bud of your rose.
  6. It’s time for your calyx now so take it and wrap it around the bottom of the rose. Secure it in place with your craft glue.
  7. Take your leaves and put a small line of glue down the center of each leaf. Now you can place the wire down the center and pinch the leaf around the wire so that it is covered and looks like a vein
  8. Attach each leaf to the stem by using your tape
  9. Use some green crepe paper to now wrap your entire rose stem so it looks like one and you’re done!


2. Simple Paper Rose Tutorial

This is a simple and quick way to make some absolutely stunning paper roses that would be perfect for in your wedding bouquet or as decor throughout your venue. Check out the tutorial below! If you’re wondering about the type of paper used, she used light card stock, however you can experiment with a myriad of paper types to see what works best for you! Personally, book pages would look fabulous on this type of very open leaf paper roses.

3. Rolled Roses Paper Flower Tutorial

Another YouTube video that is incredibly easy to follow! These are very simple and so easy to make which means it’s perfect for those who are not exactly crafty gals 🙂

 4. Lovely Paper Rose Tutorial

This is a 21 step paper flower tutorial that, quite frankly, seemed like too many steps for us when most have around 5-10 steps. It does yield absolutely lovely paper roses and doesn’t look too difficult to follow! Check out the tutorial below and see what you think!


5. Delicate Rose Bouquet Paper Flower Tutorial

These multidimensional and realistic paper roses make for absolutely perfect bouquet flowers for your bridesmaids or yourself! Get creative and use different colors and patterns for your roses, or simply stick with the delicate peach and light green that is used in this paper flower tutorial below! Enjoy!

paper flower tutorial


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