5 Homemade Wedding Cakes You Can Actually Make

One of the biggest problems for couples looking for a DIY touch for their wedding, is that you oftentimes have to posses a ridiculous amount of talent for crafts and decorating. Complex flower decorations and insanely difficult recipes just aren’t feasible and generally take an obscene amount of time to complete. Homemade wedding cakes are some of the more stressful DIY projects that a couple can undertake. The wedding cake is a huge focus point for the reception, and making it months ahead of time is just not an option.

Fortunately for couples planning a budget friendly and DIY wedding, we’ve found five simple yet utterly amazing wedding cakes that the average person can ACTUALLY make!

1. The naked wedding cake

Naked wedding cakes are the epitome of shabby chic, and can turn any reception into an elegant affair with it’s simplicity and charm. With a great deal of icing and handmade decorations lacking on these cakes, they are so easy to make! Customizing a naked wedding cake is simple and there are so many different ideas out there. Check out the examples below, or browse our post for naked wedding cake inspiration here!

homemade wedding cake ideas 6

Different colored layers add such a beautiful visual effect to this three tiered naked wedding cake!

homemade wedding cake ideas 7

This unique wedding cake has such a rustic appearance! Change out the apples for flowers if you’re looking for a softer and more chic homemade wedding cake

homemade wedding cake ideas 4

With fruit accents this cake looks so gorgeous and scrumptious! The bunting on the top also adds that extra wow factor to it!


2. The Drizzled Icing Cake

Icing is the most difficult part of the cake because it’s the external layer and is readily visible. Unfortunately many DIY wedding cake makers often spend countless hours attempting to get the smoothest icing in the world. Fortunately we have a way to make a completely unique cake and add that “wow” factor as well. Simply grab some melted chocolate (white or dark), caramel, or some other oozy topping of goodness and pour it over your cake layers for an amazing effect! Keep in mind that you will need a topping that hardens slightly when it reaches room temperature this way you can capture the dripping effect down the sides of the cake.

homemade wedding cake ideas 8

Very similar to a naked wedding cake. This tiered cake looks slightly messy but has a gorgeous overall effect!

homemade wedding cake ideas 10

Delicious caramel topping being poured over this simple four layered cake!

homemade wedding cake ideas 9

Drizzled chocolate icing is accented with an abundance of Reese’s. Such a beautiful and rich looking wedding cake!

homemade wedding cake ideas 11

A gorgeous two tiered bunt cake with delicate icing drizzled around. How great is that bunting on top too?!


3. The Rough Icing Wedding Cake

Rather than painstakingly fret over the slightest smudge in icing from a knife or utensil, why not just go with the flow and make a roughly iced wedding cake? A decadent butter cream frosting is near impossible to get smooth anyways, so adding those rough textures to the cake can make your life easier and leave you with a cake that not only looks great, but tastes fantastic too!

homemade wedding cake ideas 5

Fake flowers add a pop of color to this chocolate wedding cake! So simple yet so pretty!

homemade wedding cake ideas

A three tiered wedding cake with simple white butter cream frosting. Real flower accents make it perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

homemade wedding cake ideas 16

This simple butter cream frosting cake is so gorgeous! The ribbon at the bottom of the tiers can help disguise mistakes and unsightly connections between layers.


4. The “Hide the Sides Wedding” Cake

If you have a tiered cake, the only part that’s really going to show is the sides and the upper part of the top tier. Generally some type of flower, bunting, or cake topper covers the top of the cake which leaves you with just the sides to contend with. For those of you attempting to make  your own homemade wedding cake, why not try covering the sides with something else and keeping the frosting simply in between the layers? This gives you a really professional look and also adds an intriguing texture and taste to your cake overall. Below we have two examples where wedding cakes have had their sides covered by chocolate sticks. these delicate rolls look so great and can be uniform or unequal in height.

homemade wedding cake ideas 3 homemade wedding cake ideas 2

5. The “I’m not really a cake” wedding cake

Last on our list of homemade wedding cakes are cakes that just aren’t actually cakes. When plated up and put into tiers, these faux cakes look fabulous, are able to hold cake toppers, can be split into many pieces for your guests, and are often far easier to create than a traditional wedding cake. There are so many ideas for faux wedding cakes so check out a few of our examples below for some inspiration!

homemade wedding cake ideas 15

Tiered cheesecake makes for a beautiful wedding cake alternative! How great would it be if each tier was a different cheesecake?

homemade wedding cake ideas 12

Mmmm pies! Different flavors and different sizes! Such a warm and tasty wedding cake alternative!

homemade wedding cake ideas 13

How cool is this Oreo wedding cake idea? Would be great for a black and white themed wedding!

homemade wedding cake ideas 14

Is there really such a thing as a doughnut wedding cake?! This scrumptious idea looks so simple and chic!


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