How To Make A Birthday Cake For A Dog

Cakes seem to be needed in any occasion. Birthdays are an obvious scenario. Then of course for weddings after the “I Do” moment. There are also others like engagement parties, graduation, or baby showers. It also brought to non-conventional occasions such as passing examinations or getting a new car. It does not matter if it is big or small. As long as someone had reached a certain milestone, it is a reason to celebrate, and a reason to save a cake.

One of the non-conventional occasion is done by dog lovers. Because of their love for their dog, they also celebrate their birthday, because they are their family. For that matter, a cake is needed. And not just any other cake, but a cake that they will be able to eat. How can that be done?

Dog-Friendly Ingredients

Always keep in mind that there are restrictions when it comes to what they eat because some would-be poisonous for them. Because of that, when you make a cake, make sure to choose your ingredients wisely unless the cake is only for human guests. The good thing is that doggy cakes are on-trend right now, and you can easily bake it if you want to. Mostly, the main ingredients include wheat bread and eggs and as for the flavor, peanut butter (make sure it is without xylitol which is poisonous for them) and grated carrots are always on the list. It is tasty and edible for dogs. To add some sweetness, use honey. Applesauce can also be used. You can also add a banana for extra flavor.

To make the cake, it is simple as mentioned earlier. You will just use the ingredients mentioned above, and bake it like any ordinary cake. All you need to do is mix together the ingredient in a bowl and then bake it in the oven.

Theme and Design

To make it more festive and appealing, you can design it as doggy-themed. It could be as simple as drawing bones or dog faces with icing, or you could put some pictures of them in it with special machines. Another simple and easy way is putting a doggy topper that can be purchased in stores. That way, it will show that the cake is really for them. It will also be great for pictures and can easily tell that the celebration is for your dog.

Is It Edible?

This cake is specially made for dogs, but that does not mean humans cannot eat it. In fact, it is actually edible for humans too. But because it is made for dogs and there is no sugar added but just honey, it is not too sweet. So if you or your guests are not a fan of unsweetened cake, this maybe not for you, or it is just for small doses. But if your guests are curious and would like to taste, it is definitely safe to eat. They might even love it!