How To Avoid Stress Eating Before Your Wedding

avoid stress eating

Avoid Stress Eating Before Your Wedding

Most women go one of two ways with stress:

  1. They don’t eat at all and end up losing too much weight and being unhealthy
  2. They end up stress eating and gaining weight

Most brides unfortunately go for the latter which can cause endless problems. Not only does a bride feel so much pressure to look “perfect” on her big day, but most of the dresses are tailored to fit a certain size and don’t have much leeway. This means that if a bride-to-be puts on a few pounds in the months leading up to the wedding due to stress eating, she may have to have an emergency alteration just days before her wedding if the dress does not fit.

So how do you avoid all of that hassle if you have a tendency of stress eating? Well check out these five tips below! They will not only help you deal with stress in a more positive way, but they can also help you develop new eating habits that carry on well past your wedding and lead you to having a healthier lifestyle!

Tips To Avoid Stress Eating

  1. Recognize it

Emotional hunger won’t be pains in your stomach indicating that you are hungry, it will simply be a feeling of needing to eat – an unexplainable and very urgent need to eat food. Often it will be a particular type of food that you generally gravitate towards when you are emotional or stressed.  The stereotypical one is chocolate, but just because you don’t crave chocolate or sweets when you are stressed doesn’t mean that it isn’t stress eating. You could simply crave food in your stomach no matter what it is, or you could prefer chips, salty foods, or any number of things.

  1. Get rid of poor snacking choices

So you have a tendency to snack and eat when you are stressed? Well if you simply can’t deal with controlling thtat feeling, then you need to learn to divert your attention to healthier foods. Snacking on a piece of celery is not satisfying at all, so why not try something that is?

Pistachios and other nuts in shells are excellent sources of protein and fiber. These also take a fair amount of work before you can get the food held within the shells so you are eating less and still being distracted and fed at the same time.

Tip – always choose unsalted as you end up being bloated with water afterwards.

  1. Drink something instead

If your body is crying out for you to eat but you know you simply are not hungry, then grab a bottle of water instead. Additionally, sometimes you “need” something sweet so why not go for some light lemonade? Or, if you’ve got water flavoring, you can enjoy something healthy and incredibly tasty!

The liquid will help give you a feeling of fullness temporarily so you can wait for the stress hunger to pass without ingesting too many calories and fats during the process.

  1. Learn to calm down

Food may be your way of subconsciously calming yourself down because it releases hormones in your brain that actually work to put you in a better mood and calm you. Unfortunately that is a completely unhealthy way to deal with stress so you should look at altering your responses to stress.

In moments where you feel stressed, or know you will get stressed, consider having a cup of calming tea instead of food. If you have lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, or even kava tea around, then drink a warm cup of it and you will be surprised at how amazing you feel afterwards!

  1. Eat a citrus fruit

Oranges and other citrus fruits are perfect for when you get a craving that you simply cannot satisfy any other way than by food. The smell naturally works to calm you and the act of peeling the fruit will help get rid of some of your frustration and anxiety as well.

Additionally, a mandarin orange for example, is only fifty calories for the entire orange! Eating several slices of a mandarin should completely satisfy your cravings and give you that relief from your sweet tooth and stress!



  1. kerry kistler says:

    smart article! Really liked the tips – i hate hearing about brides who starve themselves before their wedding…..eating right makes for a great wedding day because the bride will feel good (and not faint!)

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