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When dreaming of your big day, you may picture your wedding venue at a country club, on the beach, even in an old castle. But a farm? Just wait until you hear about one of the hottest wedding venues, Bear Flag Farm. Limited to just a few weddings each year, this location has got it all, and more!

Bear Flag Farm

The most stunning outdoor wedding venue on the western coast

Located in Winters, California, Bear Flag Farm has certainly caught the eye of such famous magazines as Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes and Brides Magazine. It has also been named one of the “26 Coolest Places to Get Married in the US.”  And why? What makes a farm such a desired location for weddings? Bear Flag Farm can simply be described as a luxurious, secluded, a lush, sprawling and beautiful estate, the perfect backdrop to any dream wedding.

A private estate owned by Tina Reikes, this stunning outdoor wedding venue is able to handle larger wedding parties of three hundred. It is an organic farm that includes a winery, a fully functioning farm, olive grove, citrus grove, lavender fields, and impeccably maintained grounds. Described as a “boutique farm, ” Bear Flag Farm is reminiscent of days gone by, of vintage roses and romance. This wedding venue offers wide open sky that showcases beautiful sunsets, fields of green everywhere you look. The orchards, neat rows, are perfect for a quiet stroll. The fields of lavender, a soft dusty purple in the sunset, seem to go on for miles.

One of the unique, and much sought after, benefits of Bear Flag Farm is the impeccable service offered by their staff, and coordinated by their creative director and owner. Because they limit the number of weddings they have each year, the staff at this wedding venue stay on top of all details, and provide top-rated service. Newly weds rave about the personalized service, wonderful attention to detail and unforgettable experience they had at Bear Flag Farm. Because they offer full wedding packages, couples are able to have all the details of their wedding handled by the staff – from food, photos, vendors, service staff and even florists. Couples are then free to simple enjoy the big day!

City-dwelling couples that may chose Bear Flag Farm as a destination wedding may be in for a sweet surprise. One of the amazing qualities of Bear Flag Farm is the scent. Being an organic farm, the air smells sweeter and the skies seem bigger.  Along with the tangy fragrance of many citrus trees, field after field of lavender release a soft, fruity, clean fragrance. The wide expanses of such a brilliant flower have become a favorite spot for photos!

Offering couples and their wedding party impeccable service, food and ambiance, Bear Flag Farm is a beautiful fairy-tale location. Sought after because of their attention to every detail, Bear Flag Farm is one of the hottest wedding venues of 2016!

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