The Benefits of Having a Civil Wedding

The Benefits of Having a Civil Wedding

Civil weddings are becoming increasingly popular over the years for a number of reasons. Not only have they now become a method through which same sex couples can legally become married, but they are also an excellent option for couples of differing religions!

For any couple planning their wedding, it is essential to find the venues that not only suit your style, but your budget and needs. Many couples find that church weddings just don’t suit them. Others find that they simply are not allowed to get married in a church. If you are considering a civil wedding, or simply want to learn more about why millions of couples are choosing to go through the courts for their ceremony, continue reading below!

benefits of a civil wedding

  • Equal Rights – this is a massive issue over the past decade, especially since many places are now making same sex marriage legal and allowing it through the courts. In the United States there are now a multitude of states allowing equal rights for the LGBT community, which is why thousands of couples are flocking to the courts to finally make their partnership official!
  • Small Ceremony – churches are often associated with long processions, rows upon rows of family members, and large areas to be filled for the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, many couples may find that a church ceremony isn’t what they want for an intimate ceremony. Instead, a civil ceremony allows for select friends and family members to be present and offers the perfect venue for couples looking for a small space!
  • Religion – religion is a huge aspect when it comes to a church wedding vs a civil wedding. Millions of couples find that even though they found an absolutely perfect church to hold their ceremony in, they are not allowed to use it because it worships a different sect of Christianity. Instead of vowing to convert religion, or being disappointed time and time again with rejections, having a civil wedding allows for a meaningful and legally binding ceremony and the couple can incorporate their religions into the reception or another ceremony proceeding their civil one!
  • Photography/Videography – when it comes to wedding photos and videos, you want the best obviously. You’re paying hundreds, if not thousands, for a phenomenal photographer to capture your big day, but many photographers will confess that church ceremonies are notoriously hard to capture! Photographers will testify that small intimate civil weddings ensure that everyone present can see and hear the proceedings. Additionally, the photographer can easily get phenomenal photos and videos of the ceremony without being intrusive!
  • Fast – Civil weddings don’t last long – they are generally around fifteen minutes but can last up to a half hour. You can often read your own vows to each other, and you can go through all of the same motions that you would in a normal ceremony, except in a much less religious setting! For those who don’t want to go through hours of ceremony proceedings, a civil wedding is definitely the best option!
  • Inexpensive – Paying for a wedding to be officiated, and also renting out the church for an allotted time on your day, can end up costing you a fortune. Most couples are finding that they have to pay for their own weddings, which means that expenses need to be cut somewhere. Instead of shelling out hundreds to rent a church for a few hours, couples find that all of the benefits of a civil wedding (including the cheap cost) make it an excellent alternative and allows them to enjoy a fantastic reception at their chosen destination!

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