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drinking bridesmaids

More often than not, it is the groomsmen who get booze related wedding gifts, while the bridesmaids are frequently given a piece of jewelry or some other trinket. Let’s face it though – when it comes to weddings, nothing is more synonymous with alcohol than the bridesmaids. Whether it’s just the cracking open of bubbly during favor assembly night, or it’s the excessive number of shots during bachelorette party, ladies often use almost any excuse to pour some wine, pop open the champagne, or throw down some tequila slammers. So, if you and your besties are some libation lovin’ ladies, why not treat them to a bridesmaid gift that they’ll actually use?

Chic Wine Glasses

Wine will flow like water on the days leading up to the wedding, so why not have customized wine glasses at the ready? Get your bridesmaids their own custom engraved wine glasses and have their role in your wedding proudly stated on it as well! These glasses are sure to be a hit and something that your bridesmaids will use time and time again!

Snazzy Shot Glasses

If your girls are a bit on the wild side and enjoy their vodka, then ordering a set of bridesmaid shot glasses will surely delight them! Custom shot glasses are absolutely perfect for a few drinks before you head out on your bachelorette party, and they can also be used again during the wedding reception! The single one ounce shot glasses are a great option for your girls, but if they like their liquor, then consider the extra tall shot glasses that can hold an ounce and a half of alcohol!

Fancy Champagne Flutes

Pouring out some bubbly for your besties is just good manners so why not pour it out in a lovely personalized champagne flute? Your flutes can be completely customized to your bridesmaids and they also make for fabulous wedding party gifts that can be used during the toasts at your reception!

Awesome Pint Glasses

Let’s face it, not every girl likes those dainty wine glasses and shots – some prefer a nice pint of lager or beer instead! For your ladies who prefer a hardy drink with some hops in it, then allow them to imbibe in style with a custom engraved pint glass of awesomeness!

Customize Your Bridesmaid Gifts

With engraved glassware, brides have a wide range of options not only on the type of glassware, but also on the text, font, and image used! As someone who has engraved glassware for thousands of bridal parties, I’ve seen it all! Check out some of the ways that professionally engraved glassware can be customized below, or view my awesome Etsy shop to see more engraving options!

funny wine glass engravingText & Font

The great thing about engraved glassware, is that you can completely personalize the text and style of the font! From beautiful scroll like writing, to large block letters, you can have designed any way you want! Additionally, if you’re looking to have some fun with your bridesmaids, then why not include something other than just their name or initial on their glassware?



tardis wine glassImages & Symbols

If you’re having a themed wedding, then why not use symbols from that theme? Perhaps you’ve got a geeky side and are having a  Doctor Who themed wedding, if so, then why not have a Tardis engraved on your wine glasses, champagne glasses, or shot glass? Or, if you’re doing something sweet such as love birds for your wedding theme, then have some love birds engraved on your personalized glassware!


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