Bridal Makeup Tips – Create The Perfect Lips

DIY bridal makeup is not as hard as one may first think. After several trial runs of the bridal makeup tutorials, you’ll find that getting those killer eyes and perfectly kissable lips is really just about practice. Here at The I Do Moment we’ve got a simple bridal makeup tutorial on how you can get those absolutely stunning lips that your future partner will want to kiss again, and again, and again.

create the perfect lips

Getting these show stopping lips is about having the right tools in your arsenal. While paying a bit extra for makeup may seem expensive at first, keep in mind that this is stuff you can use on your honeymoon and many months afterwards. So what do you need to make these amazing lips for your wedding day?

What you’ll need

1. Lip liner (Shop liners here)

2. Lipstick (Shop lipstick here)

3. Clear wax liner (Shop wax liners here)

4. Concealer or primer (something brighter than your normal color and not full coverage) (Shop here)

5. Concealer brush (Shop brushes here)

The five simple steps to perfect bridal lips

bridal makeup tips

Step One

Begin with your colored lip liner and start with the cupids bow. Do sharp conscise lines for the bow. Don’t go all the way down your lips. Instead now go and line the majority of your bottom lip leaving near the corners untouched.

Step Two

Now bring your lip liner from the corner of your lips and pull them upwards in one nice swoop. Repeat this on the other side. A nice bridal makeup tip is that if you swoop upwards you’ll naturally make a fuller looking lip. The opposite is true if you swoop downwards.

Step Three

Once your lip is fully lined, you can fill in your lip with the lipstick color that you chose.

Step Four

Next step on this bridal makeup tutorial is to take that clear wax liner and use it to line the outside of your lips. This really is a crucial step because during your reception you’ll likely be drinking and eating a fair bit, so you don’t want that pretty color spreading onto your skin! This wax prevents the color from spreading and can allow the lipstick to maintain it’s gorgeous and crisp lines for an entire evening.

Step Five

Last step is to use a light concealer or primer around the outside of your lips. When you use a color lighter than your main face color, it really allows the lips to pop and it gives them a sultry pouty appearance. Use your concealer brush to slowly and carefully line on the outside of your lips. Make sure to really highlight that cupids bow.

Now you’re done! Enjoy your show stopping lips! While our tutorial did show a beautiful red, you can use this tutorial for any shade.

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