Bridal Spray Tan Tips For A Natural Glow

A bridal spray tan is an essential for many brides because it gives you a beautiful glow and provides a stark contrast for your brilliantly white wedding dress. Fortunately going ten shades darker than your original skin tone is no longer in style, however adding a little extra oomph is definitely a must. For brides to be who want the perfect bridal spray tan that gives them a natural glow, follow these five pro tips!


Five Bridal Spray Tan Tips

bridal spray tan
Perfect Bridal Spray Tan

Bridal Spray Tan Tip #1 – Exfoliate

The whole idea behind bridal makeup and beauty is that you prepare months ahead of time, and the same holds true for the perfect bridal spray tan. Here you need to work on exfoliating your skin around two times each week. This helps get rid of all the dead skin cells and will really give you naturally fresh looking skin even without the spray tan! When you don’t exfoliate and you get a spray tan, your dead skin cells can really give you an uneven look.

Fortunately you should be already exfoliating your skin weekly! And if not, you can get an exfoliater from any health and beauty store, or find them online!

Bridal Spray Tan Tip #2 – Moisturize

bridal spray tan

Moisturizing keeps your skin glowing and healthy!

Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and when your skin is adequately hydrated it will hold a spray tan better which is why you need to

moisturize every day. The best time to moisturize is right after the shower. Additionally, avoid any lotions that have alcohol in it or ones for “anti-aging” because they will dry your skin out!

Bridal Spray Tan Tip #3 – Wax

Many brides-to-be will wax the day before their wedding, but if you are going for the perfect bridal spray tan, make sure to wax before you get your tan. If you wax afterwards, you risk removing the spray tan on those parts being waxed and having patchy looking skin!

bridal spray tan

Bridal spray tan skin reaction

Bridal Spray Tan Tip #4 – Test

If you have never had a spray tan before, then you should definitely try the tan around two or so weeks prior to the wedding. You could have severe skin reactions, or it could not feel right! Additionally, certain spray tanners have different methods, so it is best to know which is right for your skin.

Bridal Spray Tan Tip #5 – Go for experience

Your skin is crucial since you are going to have a lot of photos taken. Unfortunately if you get a poorly done bridal spray tan, then everyone is going to notice. This is why you should avoid those cheaper spray tan booths and go for an experienced tanning technician. Your results will be much more realistic and natural!


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  1. Rachael says:

    Honestly I was really skeptical about spray tans until the woman I nanny for got one and it looks absolutely gorgeous. She just went to a trusted salon and it looks so natural (she was just as pasty white as I am). I think if anyone is just as worried about spray tans like I am then doing a test run a few months in advance it will really give you a good idea of what to expect!

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