Budget Wedding Ideas – Have a Marquee Wedding

Top 5 Reasons to have a marquee wedding

The idea of plopping a tent in the middle of a field or courtyard may seem somewhat barbaric especially when it is for an elegant wedding. Fortunately, modern marquees have been designed to bring you a luxurious venue that can cater to a wide range of décor needs, lighting arrangements, color themes, and even the ability to host a small reception or a massive one with hundreds of guests!

Marquee Wedding Examples

Top 5 Reasons For a Marquee Wedding

Reason #1 – Budget Wedding

Budget wedding planner brides are constantly looking for a great deal on their ceremony and reception, but often overlook the fact that a marquee wedding is one of the best ways to save. You get all of the comforts of an indoor location, yet you can rent it out, set it up where you want it to be, and save thousands by doing so!

Additionally you can tailor a marquee to your needs, so if you don’t want a massive dance floor, or you don’t want an area big enough for 200 guests, then don’t pay for it. Marquee weddings offer you exactly what you want at a very affordable price!

Reason #2 – Large Guest List

Couples that have a massive family are often tasked with a difficult mission of finding a suitable location. Guests lists can soar way past 200+ and can make for an expensive evening for all of your friends and family. Fortunately budget wedding planner brides looking to save some money and create a space big enough for their guest list will find comfort in the fact that they can have a multitude of marquees set up until it meets their requirements!

Reason #3 – Your Design

Looking to have a unique wedding? Or Simply have your own vision of how things should look? Budget wedding planner brides may find themselves stifled by the lack of options venues in buildings offer them which is why having a marquee wedding should definitely be an option. Marquees can have walls clear to the floor, or can stop several feet from the roof. Additionally, marquees can be ordered in a single large tent, or as smaller ones arranged however the bride would like! Be creative and design yourself the perfect wedding venue with a marquee!

Reason #4 – Weather Protection

For brides wanting an outdoor wedding, the possibility of rain or inclimate weather can be daunting. Instead of leave anything to chance, hire a marquee instead. This gives you many of the benefits of being outdoors, especially if you choose a clear marquee or one that has no walls!

Reason #5 – Location

Lastly, a marquee wedding reception or ceremony will allow you to choose where you want the venue. Having a marquee set up at a local park can ensure that you avoid unwanted venue fees! Additionally, setting up a marquee in a family member’s field or on their property can give you an excellent money saving option yet allow you to still have a phenomenal venue!

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  1. Kimberly Donaghy says:

    My parents own a large bit of land and there is a nice field near a lake however the problem I’m having is that it is uneven and a bit hilly. Is there any way to get a marquee set up properly on uneven land or does it have to be completely flat?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hello! Yes actually a friend had the very same problem with her marquee and the location she had. Fortunately most marquee vendors will have the ability to set up a platform more or less that will allow the entire marquee to be level while simply passing over any bumps and small hills.

      Check out this photo so you can see a bit more how the base of a marquee is built
      marquee on uneven ground

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