Burlap and Lace Wedding Ideas

Burlap and Lace Wedding Ideas

Burlap and lace is beautifully materials that have colors that contrast phenomenally. When combined into a wedding theme, burlap and lace together add just the right amount of charm to any rustic wedding. Burlap and lace wedding ideas incorporate lot of DIY methods making it perfect for that wedding planner DIY bride looking to take a more hands on approach! If you are looking for some inspirational burlap and lace wedding decoration ideas, then check out our gallery of how to include your burlap and lace wedding theme into your wedding favors, table runners, wedding cake, garland, and more!

Burlap and Lace Wedding Favor Ideas

Incorporating burlap and lace into your wedding favors can result in a very cost efficient and unique favor that your guests will love. You can use the burlap and lace wedding theme to create bags to contain sweets, coffee beans, small candles, soaps, and more! Additionally, the burlap and lace can also be used on the top of mason jars if you prefer a canned alternative to your wedding favors!

Burlap and Lace Wedding Table Runner Ideas

Purchasing a burlap and lace wedding table runner may be a very simple solution, however if you have purchased many yards of a specific burlap and a specific lace for your wedding decoration ideas, then you can easily make your own wedding table runner! Check out the wedding table runner ideas below for some more inspiration!

Burlap and Lace Wedding Cake Ideas

Wrap your wedding cake in some burlap and lace for an absolutely rustic and chic look, or decorate the cake holder with it instead! Fortunately, there are a million and one ways to decorate your cake with burlap and lace, so check out some of the photos below to get some ideas on how to personalize it for your own big day!

Burlap and Lace Wedding Garland Ideas

Garland is perfect for decorations above tables, doorways, or simply on the tables themselves. Whether you are looking to make your own wedding garland, or you want to look at the options for burlap and lace premade wedding garland, check out the examples from previous weddings below to see what might work for your wedding day.

Burlap and Lace Wedding Flower Ideas

Using your burlap and lace wedding theme in with your flowers can lead to some absolutely stunning and creative arrangements. Many brides simply use these two materials to wrap flower stems, however new trends are emerging where flowers are actually made out of these materials and look quite fabulous! Check out more examples of burlap and lace wedding flowers below!

Burlap and Lace Wedding Misc Décor Ideas

Burlap and lace can be incorporated into so many things for a wedding that we just couldn’t put them all into a separate category! Take a look at some other inspiring burlap and lace wedding decorations below!

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