Choosing Your Perfect Pair of Wedding Gloves

wedding gloves

Choosing Your Perfect Pair of Wedding Gloves

Years ago wedding gloves used to be a mandatory accessory that was seen on the bride; however as times have changed, so too has the general style and rules of weddings. Many modern brides are seen with bare hands, sporting only a simple bracelet and their rings, but many more brides still crave that high fashion style that a pair of wedding gloves gives almost instantly.

So how do you go about finding the perfect pair of wedding gloves for your big day with all of the various styles of gloves and bits of etiquette you have to observe?

  • Fit the style with your dress
  • Decide the height of the gloves
  • Fingerless or not?
  • Include your bridesmaids

Matching Your Wedding Gloves To Your Dress

wedding glovesUnfortunately most wedding dresses don’t come with a preset pair of wedding gloves, so you will have to do your best to match it as closely as possible. The absolute best way to match is to actually have the dress present during when you are buying your gloves. This is because you need to make absolutely sure that the patterns don’t clash, the colors are in tuned, and also that the material is the same.

If you end up with satin ivory wedding gloves and a stark white organza dress, the combination is going to look very unsightly and your gloves will actually end up looking dirty when they are next to your dress!

Fortunately wedding gloves are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. From pure lace wedding gloves, to black colored ones that provide exceptional contrast and visual interest, you can easily find something that suits your needs!

Deciding The Height Of Your Gloves

From wedding gloves that end at your wrists, to ones that go clear up past your elbow, you have an endless set of heights for wedding gloves to choose from, so it is important to choose wisely.

If your current dress has a bit of a sleeve, it is often best to choose a glove that is at least several inches below the sleeve of your dress, if not more. Fortunately wedding gloves look truly stunning with strapless wedding dresses and you can find a fabulous pair of gloves that go clear up the length of your arms!

Check out these various wedding gloves below to see the heights:

View More Wedding Gloves

Fingerless Gloves or Not?

wedding glovesDuring the wedding ceremony, there is going to be a conflict when your husband goes to put the ring on your finger, especially if you are wearing gloves with fingers on them. This is because it is absolutely a huge faux pas if you put the ring on top of the glove! So what do you do? Well you have three choices:

  1. Have fingerless gloves – this allows you to keep them on during the entire ceremony and not have to worry at all!
  2. Remove the gloves – removing the gloves while you are at the altar can be embarrassing if you are nervous and fumble around, however once off just hand them to your maid of honor and proceed!
  3. Cut a slit in the finger – cut a slit in the wedding glove so that you can just slide the glove back on the desired finger and place the ring properly on it.

Including Your Bridesmaids

Everyone’s eyes should be on the bride and with a fabulous pair of wedding gloves adorning her arms, it is doubtful that they will be; however ensuring that your bridesmaids keep up with your high fashion and look almost as fabulous as you is important!

Include your bridesmaids and instruct them to also wear gloves – perhaps not white but instead one that corresponds to your wedding colors? This is a great way to keep things looking fantastic and homogeneous while also keeping most of the attention on the bride and her groom!bridesmaid gloves

Looking To View Some Great Wedding Gloves?

If you are considering getting some wedding gloves or other accessories then check out some of these great options below and head on over to The Perfect Bride Boutique on Etsy to see more!

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