Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hair Accessory

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Any bride is going to look stunning even with their hair unaccessorized; however adding that extra bit of glamour with a fabulous diamanté comb or silk organza flower can truly add that “wow!” factor to any hairstyle. Whether a bride has a vintage style, or something more glamorous and Hollywood on her mind, a hair accessory can truly bring the entire look together. Unfortunately there are a countless types of hair accessories, with even more styles and designs to choose from. This alone makes it so easy for a bride to get flustered and overwhelmed.

So how does a bride go about finding the perfect wedding hair accessory?

Choose The  Perfect Wedding Hair Accessory

As a qualified hairdresser and a bridal accessory designer, I’ve spent a good portion of my life helping brides glam up for their big day. Whether it’s creating an elegant swarvoski hair comb for an up do, or placing some delicate silk flowers in a brides braided hair, I’ve created and accented countless hairstyles with countless more accessories. Over the years though,  I began to realize that so many of my brides went about choosing their wedding hair accessory the completely wrong way!

Many brides picked out the accessory well before they even chose a hairstyle, and others simply became too overwhelmed with the amount of options and styles available that they purchased something out of desperation just to have an accessory. So many brides confessed that they ended up returning one or more of their hair accessories before they finally found the right one.

So, if you are like many of my clients were and are stressing about picking the perfect hair accessory for your big day, then check out these few simple tips below and buy the right hair accessory for your wedding day the first time!

Choose a Wedding Hair Accessory To Fit The Hairstyle

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View this accessory here: large bridal hair flower

You should always always always make sure that you pick your hairstyle first. A hairstyle will depend on many factors including the location, weather conditions, bride’s face/hair type, the dress, and more. The hair accessory, on the other hand, really just needs to suit your hairstyle. If you end up picking a gorgeous accessory first, you may find that it just doesn’t work with the hairstyle that you want later on and you’ll end up having to either alter your hairstyle, or buy a new accessory!

 See What The Accessory Really Looks Like

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View this accessory here: gold hair vine

One photo is just never enough to get a good visual of how the accessory is going to look. Some accessories curve elegantly to mold around a bun, while others are very flat and straight – but how can you tell if you’re only seeing it from one angle?

The absolute best way to really know what your hair accessory is going to look like is to see it actually “in” hair. It will allow you to judge how it will look up close and from a distance, as well as see how it looks with certain hair colors!

Understand Placement Makes a HUGE Difference

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View this accessory here: wedding hair vine

The placement of your wedding hair accessory will make an incredible difference on its impact. If you place the accessory closer to your face, then it is going to draw more attention to the accessory, even if it is a small side comb! Additionally, if you angle your accessory up against a high chignon, it will also look significantly bigger and draw a lot more attention to it!

The opposite is also true when you place them towards the back of your head. If you are going for a more simple and elegant look, then you can easily get away with larger flowers and diamanté accessories towards the back without appearing too bedazzled.

Consider Your Colors

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View this accessory here: diamond hair accessory

The hue of your wedding dress should coordinate perfectly with the wedding accessory. If you have an ivory wedding dress and accidentally purchase a stark white headband, it will end up drawing far too much attention and looking far too bright in your hair. If, on the other hand, you have an ivory accent and a stark white dress, the slight difference in colors can make your hair accessory appear dirty

Make Sure Everything Works Together

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View this accessory here: feather hair comb

You are likely going to be wearing several other pieces of jewelry (bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc), so you need to make sure that all of these work together harmoniously with your hair accessory. If, for instance, you have pear accents on all of your body jewelry, then you should ensure that your hair accessory continues this theme! Additionally, if you are going with a silver color for your accents, then make sure that your hair accessory has silver metal instead of yellow.


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