Classy Halloween Wedding Ideas

halloween wedding ideas

Inspirations for a classy All Hallows Eve Wedding

Fall has become a very trendy time for weddings. After June, the most popular month,  August through October have become favorite months for couples to wed.  The weather certainly plays a large part. Unlike spring, with it’s unpredictable weather, early fall days remain beautiful and warm. The skies are a deeper blue, the fall leaves just beginning to turn. Evenings are cooler, and (in most cases) the bugs have gone to bug heaven….or wherever they go.

Along with crisp leaves and great weather, fall brings that macabre holiday the kid in all of us loves – Halloween. A chance to dress up, wear a mask, eat tons of candy. Halloween weddings have been, and will continue to be fun events. The colors typically embrace the brilliant hues of the season – oranges, yellows and reds. The reception can include carved pumpkins as party favors, delicious apple cider and bonfires.

But for those couples searching for a clever way to push the envelope just a bit, a few simple tweaks can transform a traditional Halloween wedding into something classic, dark and magical. These hauntingly beautiful wedding ideas have become such a stunning way to embrace the season.

Halloween Wedding Colors – Transform the tone of your wedding by celebrating the darker colors of the season. Jewel tones such as blood reds,  deep emeralds,  cranberry,  plums and even burnt umber can create a beautiful palette for an evening Halloween wedding.  Adding metallic tones such as gold or silver will bring a rich, elegant tone.  For  those that find “the” dress, in the wrong color, don’t fret! Brides may opt to have their wedding gown, or those of their bridesmaids, dyed in one of these colors…..even black!

halloween wedding ideas

Halloween Wedding Cake IdeasSome brides opt to continue the rich color scheme of their wedding onto their cakes, in sharp contrast with edgings of black, white or gold. Add in a metallic sheen, intricate scrolling,  use of feathers, beading or even a mask cake topper for a magical masquerade cake. For a unique approach,  consider a cupcake tower with individual masks on each cupcake!

Other brides wishing to balance their rich color scheme may opt for a black & white cake design. Such sharp contrast allows attention to be placed on elegant, scrollwork or beading. Even marbling effects make for a showstopper look.

halloween wedding cake ideas

Halloween Wedding Costume – Traditional costume parties allow open interpretation of  the term “tasteful” attire. You may have that one aunt (or cousin) who shows up in very inappropriate attire. To keep an elegant, yet playful, tone to your wedding, ask guests to come dressed in the style you determine for your wedding. Guests will love participating in such an elegant costume party.

halloween wedding costume

Halloween Wedding MaskIf costumes are not an option, consider beautiful masks for each guest. There are seven traditional types of masquerade masks

  • Bauta full face mask with a square jaw
  • Columbina half mask, decorated and usually covers eyes and cheek
  • Volto full face mask, has nose and mouth
  • Medico della Peste full face mask, bird-like with a long beak
  • Arlecchino full face mask of the joker, smiling
  • Pantalone half mask, slanted eyes, large nose like a beak
  • Zanni half mask with long nose, playful

halloween wedding ideas

Many masks on sticks are available for sale, or can be made for the wedding guests. These masks can be found in many styles such as Venetian, feather, and rhinestone.

Another option for wedding guests is to have a face-painting artist on hand. Intricate designs and even jewels can transform the mood, make conversation and eating easier, and is fun for the little guests as well!

There are so many inspirations for a dark, magical and elegant Halloween wedding. Look to nature herself and consider the stark beauty of fall by using intertwined branches, the deep blood red of sunset, soft candlelight reflected in mirrors, Or, reflect on the past with a liberal use of antique candelabras and feathers.

Halloween Wedding Ideas & Themes

Consider the following styles for a magical, macabre All Hallows Eve wedding  –


An elaborate ball to celebrate weddings and other important events, masquerades have been celebrated since the 15th century Italy. The goal of a masquerade party is to be completely unidentifiable. Masks typically include a full head mask, half face mask or a mask on a stick. Masks can be quite elaborate, heavily gilded or edged in feathers. Colors are rich (such as sapphire or emerald green), and the lighting is soft.

Phantom of the Opera

This theme, following the Paris Opera, follows the haunting romance. Masks would typically resemble the half face mask of the Phantom. Colors include dark reds, black, dark purple and gold. Costumes could include the use of black capes. Candelabras, blood red roses and mirrors complete the look.

Mardi Gras

Also European, Mardi Gras includes masks, costumes, and is normally celebrated before Lent. As in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mardi Gras is celebrated in the traditional colors of green, purple and gold. Bright costumes can include masks, beads, and iridescent colors.

A wedding on All Hallows Eve can be, with the right choices, a darkly beautiful gathering. Whether whimsical, Gothic, mysterious, elegant or macabre, Halloween weddings continue to be wildly popular. It is fitting for couples to join on this holiday. It is, after all, “til death do you part.”

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