Considering an Easter Wedding?

Easter Wedding – Good or bad idea?

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As this glorious Easter Sunday rolls in (Just kidding, it’s pouring down rain here in lovely England) many couples are anxiously awaiting to take that forever plunge into marriage. Unfortunately, planning an Easter wedding or any wedding on a major holiday often causes some bit of controversy. Many couples who are either planning to get married on a future holiday, or are getting married this Easter, find that friends and family have given their own opinions on the date selected (whether they were wanted or not).

Whether you’re having an Easter wedding or even getting married on 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, or any other major holiday for your country, it’s important to consider the implications of the day and decide if it really is the best date selected for both you and your partner.

easter wedding

Considerations for having an Easter Wedding

Or any holiday wedding for that matter

Consider the date from a religious aspect

Depending on your family and friend circle, you may find more than a few raised eyebrows directed your way if you choose a major religious holiday to have your wedding. Additionally, you’ll find that if you go for a religious holiday and wish to enjoy a church wedding, you’ll have to fight tooth and nail for a church to even consider the idea of hosting a wedding on that selected days. Churches find their busiest times of attendance are during the holidays – so why would they forego a large mass in favour of your wedding?

If you choose a major religious date, your dreams of a gorgeous church wedding may never be more than just dreams. For couples looking for alternative venues, there is going to be an endless supply available to them!

Consider the increased travel costs

For all of you frugal couples out there – this next point may be a killer. As you well know, costs increase for travel and vacations during the holidays. Why? Because everyone is off work and they’re looking to spend their precious vacation days regardless of the cost. This means that not only will your honeymoon be far more expensive around your holiday wedding, but it will also ensure that all future anniversary dates are more expensive as well.

Consider the days off

A major plus side to getting married on the holidays is that, depending on the job, you may be guaranteed that day off from now until the end of time. Many businesses shut down on the holidays and this is one of the few times that working individuals find they have to get married.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get married on a holiday and you or your guests are working at a business that does not shut down on (such as a hospital, grocery store, etc.) you may find that it’s near impossible to get the day off work. Do not feel too let down when friends and family respectfully decline your wedding invitation because the holiday roster for days off has been filled up already and there’s no chance they’ll be able to come.

Consider the families and friends

Last but not least when planning your Easter wedding, it’s important to consider who you are inviting. Holidays are a time for families and friends, which is both good and bad for your wedding if you plan it on a major holiday. You may find that all of your main family attends the wedding and your close circle of friends are happy to come because, let’s face it, they would be spending the holiday with you regardless of whether it was your wedding or not.

On the flip side, your extended family members and acquaintances that you’ve invited may find that their own celebrations for the holidays are far more pressing than your wedding. This is a good way to slim down your wedding list and cut back on some costs for food/favors, but you may also find that a surprising number of people may not RSVP that they’re coming.

Overall thoughts on Easter weddings and weddings on other holidays

If you’re working at a job that allows you time off during the holidays and you’re not looking to have a massive celebration with everyone you’ve ever met attending, then you’ll find that there is no better time to have a wedding than on a major holiday. The fact that it is a holiday wedding may allow you to really express how much you love that specific day and ensure that you can go forward with a lovely themed wedding like you’ve always wanted. For example an Easter wedding can be a gorgeous celebration that is filled with soft pastel colors, lovely egg and carrot themed decorations, and more.

Let’s face it though. Even if you’ve invited everyone and their brother to the wedding and you’re trying to have it in your local church, go forward with it if that’s what you really want. Ultimately a wedding is just about you and your partner making a lifelong commitment to each other. Granted, you may have a lot of struggles and some drama along the way – but in the end you’ll feel happier you planned the Easter wedding  or holiday wedding that you wanted.

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