DIY Wedding Boutonniere Tutorial

DIY  Boutonniere Tutorial

While wedding boutonniere’s are not overly expensive, they are a simple thing that can easily be made by the most craft-challenged individuals. At around $8-$10 for a single rose boutonniere with some leaves, store bought boutonnieres can mean upwards of $60+ dollars depending on how many groomsmen there are – and that’s just for a simple rose with absolutely no embellishments! Orchids, multiple roses, and clematis flowers can end up making the total for boutonniere’s well over a hundred. Fortunately a DIY boutonniere is quite simple and you can really personalize it without spending a fortune for simple flowers! Check out the DIYboutonniere tutorial below to learn more!

DIY Boutonniere Examples

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

DIY Boutonniere Tutorial

What you’ll need:

  • Flowers – real or fake, whatever you choose. We just have a single rose since that helps us to show you the price difference between store bought and the DIY boutonniere example here. Along with our rose we have some holly and some rosemary.
  • Tape – you can get florist tape, however using electric tape works just about the same!
  • Ribbon – whatever color you want! You can use two colors for your wedding colors, or a simple white one like what’s in the example!
  • Glue – you won’t need much of this so using super glue or hot glue will work just fine!
  • Scissors – don’t run with them! J
  • Pin – this is to pin it when you are done

DIY Boutonniere Tutorial Steps

1. First step in this DIY boutonniere tutorial is to trim up your flowers to the size you want. Take the leaves off the rose, remove non perfect pedals, and make sure to leave about one full inch left of the actual stem for the boutonniere.

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

Second step is to layer up your flowers and your leaves. Put the greenery in the back and the flower(s) facing forward. Make sure that they are at the appropriate height before going onto the next step.

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

Third step on this DIY boutonniere tutorial you need to gently pick up all your leaves and flowers by the stem and begin wrapping your tape around it. Make sure the tape doesn’t go too close to the flower else you won’t be able to cover it with your ribbon in the next step.

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

Now, use the ribbon to wrap it all around the tape and conceal it. Once it’s all covered up, trim off the excess and make sure the edge is towards the back before gluing it in place!

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

Wait until the day of the wedding and then you can have it pinned onto the groomsmen and the groom!

DIY Wedding Boutonniere

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