DIY Bridal Hanger

diy bridal party hangers

There are some naturally crafty people out there and then there’s people, like me, who struggle to make a simple bow on Christmas gifts. Despite my natural lack of craftiness, I still cannot help drooling over some of the amazing DIY wedding tutorials that are available online. One recent tutorial I found online was for a DIY bridal hanger. These are generally $15-$30 online for each individual bridal hanger. The best thing about these hangers is that they’re amazing for not only the wedding dress, but also as gifts for the bridesmaids and maid of honor!

Below are some of the beautiful bridal hangers that are available online. I found some really great ones on amazon (here) for those of you who think you’re not crafty to create one of these yourself!

diy bridal hanger

Make a bridal hanger yourself for around $2 a piece

Right so buying a six pack of wooden hangers will set  you back around $7 at your local Walmart or Target. In addition to that, you’ll also need to get floral wire which is generally around $4 for a roll of it. Any extras such as flowers and ribbon will up the price per piece, but overall you’ll save a fortune on these amazing DIY bridal hangers!

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden hangers with the notches in them
  • Decorative wire around twelve gauge
  • A drill with bit small enough for the wire (possibly 7/64)
  • Strong glue
  • Two sets of pliers (make sure one is a set of needle nose pliers)
  • Some paper and pencil

 DIY Bridal Hanger Tutorial

diy bridal hangers
Step one

Determine where you want the wire to connect to the hanger and use your pencil to make a visible dot on either side arm of the hanger.

Step Two

Put your hanger on top of your paper and use your pencil to mark where your wire will meet. Additionally, use your pencil to trace the entire inside of your hanger. This will be a guide you can use when drawing out the letters so you don’t accidentally make them too big.

Step Three

Write out your cursive letters on the paper. Make sure to make them large enough for your wire, but small enough that it fits in the space marked out on your paper. This will be your guide for the wire working.

Step Four

bridal hanger tutorial

Begin with your wire and allow a few inches on the side for potential mistakes and also so that it can connect to the hanger. Now, begin shaping out your letters. It’s hard to describe how to shape them, but a combination of pliers and hands are used to get the shapes. The metal is pliable enough, however for some of the straighter parts and dots it’s easier to use a set of pliers.


Step Five

Make sure to keep checking each letter with the reference on your paper. Keep it straight and be aware that you can straighten up any dented spots once it is all done as it’s far easier.

Step Six

bridal hanger guide

Drill a small hole into the bottom of the hanger. This is where you will put your wire in. Once the holes are drilled, put in glue on the left side and insert the free wire inside. Allow it time to dry (time will vary depending on the glue you use).


Step Seven

Once the left side has dried effectively, gently cut the wire on the right side so that it will fit into the remaining hole. Put the glue in the hole and insert the wire. Allow time to dry.

Now you’re done with your beautiful bridal hanger. You can add a bow, some flowers, or leave it plain. Either way keep in mind that the lettering will take a bit of patience, so don’t be upset if you can’t get it perfect the first attempt!

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