DIY French Manicure Video Tutorial

DIY French Manicure

French manicured nails are the traditional style of nails seen at weddings, however who wants to pay $50 or more at a salon to get your nails done, toes done just for one day? While getting a mani/pedi may be an option for some brides, choosing a more cost effective solution that yields professional results lets you use that money saved on more essential items….like shoes! 😀

If you are like me, however, you probably have short stumpy nails you have chewed on for months, toenails with partially chipped paint from near Christmas time, and you simply cant be fussed with those long fake nails that can be applied. Fortunately learning how to do French tips at home can be a lifesaver. For the months leading up to your wedding, you need to really take care of your nails so they grow out beautiful and look their best. Follow our little guide below and watch the DIY French manicure videos to see how to easily give your fingers and toes that glamorous look for under $10!

Pre Wedding Nail Care

Take Biotin – its a fabulous supplement that is completely natural. It works to help your nails grow significantly faster and it makes your hair grow faster as well!  Check out Biotin on by clicking here!

Strengthening Nail Polish – Use a simple layer of nail polish designed to strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking. This is an excellent way to prevent any chips or tears in your nails in the weeks leading up to your big day!

Cut Bad Habits – If you have a bad habit of constantly chewing your nails, stop! For those who need to quit quickly, try getting some of that nail polish that makes it taste horrible every time you bite. This will help you effectively cut your nail biting habit and have beautiful nails in no time!

DIY French Manicure Video

DIY French Manicure Video For Feet

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    I’ve tried so many times myself but I never thought to use bandaids as a guide for the white tips! Thanks!! xx

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