DIY Wedding Cake – Fruity Naked Wedding Cake

DIY Wedding Cake

Naked wedding cakes are all the rage, especially within the last year. They forego the horrible taste of fondant icing in favor of something that is more tasteful, healthy (in some cases), and still amazingly beautiful. While a naked wedding cake may not have the elegant and upscale appeal that other wedding cakes do when they are covered in fondant icing, they do maintain the absolute best taste possible because you can customize them completely! Topping really make the cake in this instance, and you can use a plethora of edibles such as fruits, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup….caramel…and of course more chocolate syrup! Oh the possibilities!

Now that you are sufficiently intrigued, take a gander at a few of our naked wedding cake examples below! We have an instructional video courtesy of You and Your Wedding which shows you how to make a delightfully fruity DIY naked wedding cake, but bear in mind that you can substitute fruits for any number of unhealthy options! Keep an open mind, feel free to look at our naked wedding cake ideas here, or simply continue reading below!

Naked Wedding Cake Ideas

DIY Wedding Cake

Making a wedding cake sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, especially if you are making a naked wedding cake. Naked wedding cakes are a lot less precise, have more room for error, and are simply decorated by individual items generally as opposed to a whole sheet of perfect icing. For novice bakers looking for a simple DIY wedding cake option, a naked wedding cake is exactly what they need. Simply determine what type of cake you want, what toppings are going to be used, and begin baking!

Check out our great video tutorial on how to decorate a strawberry naked wedding cake. This particular naked wedding cake has a multitude of berries around the outside as well as powdered sugar! It looks fabulous, is incredibly easy to make, and tastes even more amazing! Follow the tutorial below and enjoy!

How To Make A Fruity Naked Wedding Cake

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      • Stephanie says:

        Indeed tooth picks will definitely work to hold fruit up on a naked wedding cake! You can also make sort of an edible icing glue as well – something similar to what is used on gingerbread houses to make all the decorations stay. Here one variation of an edible icing glue recipe:
        1 pound of powdered sugar
        1 teaspoon of cream of tartar
        3 eggs (whites only in this recipe)

        Put all of your ingredients in a bowl and beat with a blender until mixed. Then, use a tiny bit as glue, adding some water as needed to the remaining in the bowl since it will harden a little bit while you work. Store the remaining in a zip lock to bring with you to the reception in case any fruits fall off of your cake before you cut it 🙂

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