DIY wedding cake tips – 5 Simple Decoration Ideas

DIY wedding cakes can be difficult, even for experienced bakers. For the budget planner bride looking to save on expenses, a DIY wedding cake may be the only option available. Unfortunately brides want their day to be perfect, and every detail is taken into account. The thought of a DIY wedding cake can leave a soon to be bride panicking and worrying about whether the cake will look good, taste good, or even be completed!

Thankfully budget planner brides need not fear. DIY wedding cakes do not need to be overly complicated. Additionally, there are a multitude of pre made edible items available that can truly make any DIY wedding cake look professional! Check out Edible Cake Accessories here to see just a few of the things available to you, or continue reading for some simple decoration ideas and DIY wedding cake tips!

DIY Wedding Cake Tips

5 Simple Decoration Ideas

One of the best DIY wedding cake tips around is to keep it simple. Simplicity is essential and just because its a simple cake, does not mean it will look unprofessional. going overly complex with a grandiose cake can lead to disaster, frustration, and a downright shoddy looking wedding cake. To help inspire your simple DIY wedding cake ideas, we’ve got five examples of very simple, yet tasteful, DIY wedding cakes below!

Naked Cake

The naked cake is just that, naked. It does not feature all of the external icing that can often ruin the taste. The cake, instead, has icing in between the layers and on top. This simple DIY wedding cake is very popular amongst both amateurs and professionals and can be decorated with a few flowers or accessories around the side for a polished look.

DIY wedding cake tips
Dye It

Another one of the more simple DIY wedding cake ideas for decoration is simply to dye the frosting. Either purchase colored fondant and use that on your cake, or dye it yourself. A simple colored cake can definitely make a statement in any wedding. Additionally, you can alter the colors of each layer for a fun and funky look!

DIY wedding cake tips

Simple Ribbon

Instead of going with a million and one accessories, colors, and flowers, why not do something simple and completely elegant like a ribbon? Whether you have a colored cake or an all white cake, a ribbon hiding the joints between layers looks phenomenal and truly dresses up any DIY wedding cake!

DIY wedding cake tips

Easy Cutouts

If you want to be a bit more complex and try your hand at some handmade decorations, get your fondant rolled out, some shape cutters, and then get to work! Circles are so simple and they look fantastic when they are a different color than the base below them. You can get creative by altering the sizes of the circles, or combining several shapes onto your cake for a unique look!

DIY wedding cake tips

Spray it On

The last of the simple DIY wedding cake tips for decoration is edible spray paint. The cheap brands generally have a slight chemical-y flavor, but they are completely harmless. You can create a pure gold cake, a shimmery silver cake, or one of any other color of your choosing! Make a bold statement with this spray and truly delight your guests when they see your work!

DIY wedding cake tips

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