DIY Wedding Hair – Braided Wedding Hair

DIY Wedding Hair – Braided Wedding Hair

Getting your hair done for your wedding can cost hundreds of dollars for a reputable hairdresser, and that’s just for the bride on the day of alone! You still have to take into account that there is a trial run, which costs money, the bridesmaid’s hair, which costs money, and the travel expenses the hairdresser charges, which costs money of course!

Any budget wedding planner bride looking to pinch a few pennies will most definitely look at this predicament and cringe. What’s a bride to do? Attempting a complex DIY wedding hair updo the day of can end up looking horrid and cheap, while going with just straight hair down does not match the theme the ride is looking for.

Fortunately brides on a budget needn’t worry. There are endless DIY wedding hair tutorials out there, with this being one of them! We’ll show you some phenomenal braided wedding hair and give you some video tutorials on how to braid your hair in different styles!

Braided Wedding Hair Examples

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Pre Wedding Hair Treatment

Right, so months before your wedding you should already be working on getting your hair and nails into top condition for your big day! Those photos are going to be glamorous and women wanting to look their best should condition and strengthen months ahead of time.  Using a conditioning treatment along with a growth supplement can definitely ensure that your hair will be long, strong, and luxurious! Additionally, when you take the supplements below your nails will also be incredibly strong so you may not even need fake nails the day of!

hair oil

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DIY Wedding Hair – Tutorials on How To Braid Your Hair

How To Do A Waterfall Braid

This unique and beautiful DIY wedding hairstyle is excellent for brides wanting a half up half down style on their wedding day. The waterfall braid can be incorporated in so many different ways and you can truly use your imagination to make this work! Check out the how to braid your hair video below!

How To Do A Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids look overly complex, but once you learn how to braid your hair in this style, you will absolutely love how simple it truly is! This type of braided wedding hair is perfect for beaches and outdoors because it looks absolutely fantastic even when its messy!

How To Do A Crown Braid

Want a simple up do that keeps every spec of hair in place while still looking enteral and elegant? Then try this crown braided hairstyle for your big day!

How To Do A French Braid

The classic French braid is very popular with brides looking for a simple yet elegant look for their wedding. It is such an easy DIY wedding hair option that you simply cannot go wrong with it on the day of!

How To Do A Side Braid

Last, but definitely not least, we have a simple tutorial on how to braid your hair to the side. This is great for a bride looking for a simple DIY wedding hair option, and most of the above braided hairstyles can be taken to the side as well so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and play around weeks before your wedding!

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