DIY Wedding Hair – Curly Side Bun Tutorial

Side buns are a popular and elegant wedding hairstyle that truly fits any wedding theme. They look fabulous with a variety of face shapes, and can easily be done by hand instead of hiring a professional hairdresser! Whether you are experienced at doing your own hair, or you have a close friend who is willing to help you on your big day, learning a DIY wedding hair style can save you hundreds of dollars!

DIY wedding hair is not just for those on a budget. Get the exact look you want, don’t bother relying on a hairdresser, and enjoy a more personal touch to your wedding look by doing your hair yourself, or having a friend help!For those of you wanting a DIY wedding hair tutorial for a beautiful curly side bun, then simply check out the video’s below for a step by step guide!

DIY Wedding Hair – Side Bun Hairstyles

DIY Wedding Hair – Curly Side Bun Video Tutorials

We have two tutorials below that really make it simple to create a phenomenal side bun for your DIY wedding hair. The first tutorial we find is a fair bit easier because it allows you to use a braid in lieu of just making all of the curls perfect for the bun. It works for both short and long hair, and you can use a bit of gel in your damp hair to create the volume needed.

The second DIY wedding hair tutorial for a curly side bun involves curling all of your hair. you can always use a regular curling iron, or even use curlformers (they are awesome by the way!)

View curlformers and more here

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