DIY Wedding Makeup – False Eyelash Tutorial

DIY Wedding Makeup

False Eyelash Tutorial

While many brides are all for taking a more hands on approach for their wedding day decorations and plans, many are very intimidated about their wedding makeup. Whether it is simple fear of messing up, pressure of trying to make it look flawless, or the fact that she wants to simply relax and do nothing on the day of, many brides choose to hire expensive professionals for their wedding day makeup. Unfortunately those professionals often come at a high price.

With paying hundreds of dollars for a trial run, day of makeup, and travel expenses, can blow any lower wedding budget! Fortunately a bride needn’t worry about looking fabulous on the day of. As long as she plans ahead, buys the right type of photo ready foundation, and follows some great DIY wedding makeup tutorials, she can easily create a professional look for well under $50!

DIY Wedding Makeup – How To Apply False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can be incredibly long and thick, or they can be subtle and natural. They come in a wide range of styles, thicknesses, lengths, and even colors! Whatever wedding look the bride is wanting to achieve, she can easily do so with a fantastic set of false eyelashes.

Before you begin with the tutorials, you need to decide on what style of eyelashes you want, and what type. Long and thick eyelashes are for very dramatic eyes, and can generally be achieved by buying a complete set of two eyelashes. On the other hand, if you simply want to enhance your natural eyelashes for a bit more fullness, you can buy individual sets of eyelashes. These generally come in packs with fifty or more individual eyelashes and are applied one by one.

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What You Will Need To Apply False Eyelashes

  • Eyelashes
  • Glue
  • Tweezers/Bobby Pin
  • About ten minutes

How To Apply False Eyelashes – Individual Eyelashes Tutorial



How To Apply False Eyelashes – Full Eyelash Set Tutorial

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One comment

  1. Jennifer Hawk says:

    Whenever i try to apply false eyelashes as a full set they look just horrible! I always get them crooked lol! I think next time I’m going to try the individual eyelashes because they look like something I can hopefully do!

    One thing for anyone wanting to apply their own false eyelashes is that you need to let the glue dry a tiny bit before trying to put them on! My biggest mistake is trying to set it on right away then i get eyelash glue all over my eyelid and it makes my eye shadow look so weird!

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