DIY Wedding Makeup – Photo Ready Foundation

Finding the foundation for your DIY wedding makeup can be difficult. There are literally hundreds of brands and many of them span across a wide price range. From just a few bucks, to spending well over fifty bucks, you can end up wasting a lot of money on a foundation that is just not right. Fortunately for all of you brides-to-be looking to for DIY wedding makeup tips, we have selected the best foundation for your big day. These include five different brands ranging across a fairly reasonable price range. Continue reading below to find out more!

DIY Wedding Makeup – Best Foundation

The main thing about DIY wedding makeup that professionals might not tell you is that it has to be photo smart makeup. You are going to get a lot of pictures taken of you, and who wants to look greasy and sweaty in them? This is why we have selected the top five best photo ready foundations that eliminate glare, make your face look flawless, and are great for close ups!

DIY Wedding Makeup – Top Five Foundations

1. Revlon PhotoReady – Revlon PhotoReady is a great solution for DIY wedding makeup because they have a whole line of PhotoReady products as well as the foundation. From blush, concealer, primer, and foundation, you can get a professional finish to your wedding makeup for a very great price. The Revlon PhotoReady foundation is only around $13.99 and is one of the most affordable yet highest quality foundations on our list!

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2. Cover FX Natural Finish – Second available for your DIY wedding makeup solution is the Cover FX Natural Finish. It does not have a huge line of products to go with it like the Revlon does, however it does come with some accenting setting powder separately. Each bottle is around $40, however it truly matches your skin tone and gives you full coverage without all of the weight!

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3. Makeup Forever HD – Their invisible cover foundation leaves you with beautiful polished skin that has absolutely no visible blemishes. It completely covers everything and there is also a microfinish powder optional for brides looking for that glowing look! At around $38 per bottle, this is a more expensive option but its wide range of colors and overall finish makes it well worth it!

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4. Airflash Dior Skin – A bit pricier than most, this foundation is well worth it because it is available in a spray can and comes out looking fabulous. Airbrushed foundation truly has no equal and this Dior is pure perfection! Unfortunately the main downside is that it nears $80-$90 per bottle!

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5. Smashbox Liquid Halo HD – Last but definitely not least is the Smashbox Liquid Halo HD foundation. With a list price of $42, this is a mid-ranged foundation that delivers some great results. It has a complexion kit that can be purchased with it; however brides will love the simplicity that this foundation offers. Easy to choose from colors and a soft overall finish that is definitely photo ready.

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