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  1. My engagement ring is an opal and I absolutely love it! My future husband and I have always felt that things such as “Valentines day” and diamonds were just so hyped up due to extensive marketing so we’ve just always one our own thing! It’s nice to see a wedding site that doesn’t just push for diamonds as well! Non diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are fantastic and a great way to show your individuality!

    • Ooh would love to see a photo of your opal engagement ring – it sounds absolutely brilliant! Congrats to you both on your upcoming wedding as well!

      My FH bought me a diamond one in white gold setting but the design on it is absolutely fabulous and so unique! I needed something as ‘hard as a diamond’ because I tend to hit my hand on everything I pass by when wearing jewelry!

  2. So women don’t want diamond wedding rings? Every girlfriend I’ve ever had insists on diamonds for almost every freaking thing they can (birthday, Christmas, anniversary). I’m looking to ask my girlfriend to marry me soon but I really hate the traditional diamond rings and I think she wants one but I’m not sure. I don’t want to ask her what she likes because I want it to be a surprise, but I’m the one who is supposed to know her best and I still don’t know….any help from a woman’s perspective on what men are supposed to do?

    • Due to a lot of advertising and how society and women perceive gemstones, diamonds are very highly regarded and a lot of traditional women prefer diamonds. It is hard to say what to do on your situation, but if you’re going to legitimately surprise her with a proposal and want something different then you should consider a few factors:

      – has she “ever” ogled over any sort of rings passing through a store?
      – does she obsess over a favorite color that you can get the center stone as for the ring?
      – have you considered speaking with her parents and asking their permission to marry her as well as their opinions on a less than traditional wedding ring?

      If you’re not 100% sure, a mother would know best! You can always do a slightly nontraditional wedding ring by getting a diamond center stone with colored accent stones around the side!

      Good luck with your proposal!