Epic Batman Wedding Ideas

batman wedding ideas

Batman Themed Wedding

Whether it’s just a love for comic books, or a lifelong passion for Batman, many couples looking for a unique wedding theme have turned towards that Dark Knight for some inspiration. This famous and dark Marvel hero has inspired some absolutely fabulous weddings and will hopefully inspire many more geek fests in the future! If you, like other epic couples before you, are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming Batman wedding, then check out these fantastic inspirational photos from previous wedding below!

Batman Themed Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the absolute first thing your guests will see about your wedding so you have to make them spectacular! If you’re going for a Batman themed wedding, then your invitations “have” to match! What better way to prepare your guests for an all out geek wedding than by a fantastic invitation? Check out these great Batman wedding invitations for some inspiration on your own wedding below!

Batman Wedding Accessories

Accessorizing for a batman themed wedding is difficult only because there is simply so much stuff to choose from! Brides can have an absolutely amazing batman garter set along with some epic shoes and jewelry to match for the big day! Men, on the other hand, can done on some fitting superhero socks with capes, some batman themed cufflinks, a batman undershirt that can be revealed below their white shirt on photos, and even a wedding band engraved with the batman symbol on it! The possiblities are endless and a bride to be on a mission can find a number of amazing wedding accessories for her and the rest of the bridal party!

Batman Wedding Cake Ideas

Now we come to perhaps the best part of the wedding – the cake. With Batman being such an iconic and popular theme for parties and events in general, it is so easy to find a massive number of great looking batman wedding cakes for inspiration! Below are some of my favorite wedding cakes. All of these batman cakes are tiered, however their designs look absolutely fabulous so you don’t even need to have a separate bride and groom cake – you can save hundreds and just have one fantastically geeky wedding cake for everyone!

Batman Wedding Gifts and Favors

The batman wedding theme really opens the door for the bride and groom to get incredibly creative with wedding gifts for the bridal party and groomsmen, and the wedding favors for the guests. With quality and style in mind, we’ve found some of the coolest geek wedding favors on the planet and they also fit perfectly with a batman wedding theme!

Check out these amazing coasters, key chains and bottle openers at Architara Design’s Etsy shop, and also browse their amazing selection of other geeky metal work! *hint they’ve got a Death Star bottle opener too! 😀

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Batman Themed Wedding Dresses

If you’re going for the batman theme, it can be somewhat difficult for the bride to incorporate that attractive yellow and black into her wedding dress. Going all black on a wedding dress is an absolutely phenomenal way to truly bring the batman theme to life. If, however, you prefer to have a wedding dress that is the majority white for a more traditional look, then you can easily check out these beautiful examples below that incorporate a stunning black accent color!

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