An Epic Wedding Gift For Beer Lovers

unique groomsmen giftsFor most women, the wedding day starts off seemingly ages away. Twelve months till the day of the wedding – you’ve got so much time to plan every tiny little detail, and you have nothing to worry about except the fear of making a disastrously embarrassing mistake  like tripping down the aisle! Then, just a blink of an eye later, you’re sat counting down mere weeks until the big day and you’ve only got a venue, a dress, and a massive To-Do list that you’ve been avoiding like the plague!

As you’re scanning down the list, and your stomach is knotting up more and more with stress with each passing item, you run across this “Buy groom and groomsmen gifts”. Ah yes, the groom! The man who has seemingly no stress or cares at all regarding the wedding because, let’s face it, his main job (and possibly the only one you’re trusting him with) is to show up and say yes! You’re the one who has to meticulously coordinate the flowers, cutlery, linens, and centerpieces, while he is more than happy sitting there while you whirl away planning like a madwoman.

Now, you may turn to him and ask “what do you and the boys want?” thinking he’s going to have some preconceived idea or clue to help you choose a great gift, but the response you’re likely going to get is either going to be “I don’t know” or “I don’t really care”.

Men Want Something Awesome

Let’s face it – when he says he doesn’t care about the gift, he really does. Most men don’t want some sentimental item to remind them of the “special day”, but they’ll never tell you that. Additionally, if you end up getting those seemingly sentimental things for the groom and groomsmen, they’ll end up being stored away in a drawer because they’ll look out-of-place being used anytime afterwards (can you ever imagine a guy being at a party with a flask that says groomsmen on it after the wedding?). So, the solution to finally crossing one item off your to-do list, and getting an epic wedding gift for your future husband and his groomsmen, is to go with something awesome, unique, and really practical!

Epic Hand Crafted Beer Caddy

beer carrierFor most men, there’s nothing better than sitting back with a pack of their favorite beer and relaxing, so why not get him something he’ll actually use on a regular basis?  If your man and his friends enjoy throwing back a cold one, then they’ll definitely enjoy a handcrafted wooden six-pack carrier from Cold Creek Brewing.

Each of the carriers is created from re-purposed wood so they each have their own unique knots that only adds to their character and charm. Additionally they have their own built-in bottle opener and come in two different sizes! You can go for the normal six-pack, which holds your traditional 12oz bottles of beer, or you can get the bomber pack that holds six 22oz bottles (the same size as a normal wine bottle). At just $45/each, you’ll be getting your man and (if they’re lucky) the groomsmen a completely unique and practical gift they’ll not only use on a regular basis, but that they’ll absolutely love to brag about!

Other Awesome Alcohol Related Gift Ideas

Future husband not a big fan of beer? Or perhaps you’re looking to snag a great alcohol related gift for your future in-laws? Well check out these other completely amazing handcrafted wooden items from Cold Creek Brewing below, or visit Cold Creek Brewing on Etsy to view all of their awesome products:

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