Expert Tips on Choosing Wedding Makeup Colors


Expert Tips on Choosing Wedding Makeup Colors

Every bride wants that beautiful radiant glow and that flawlessly perfect skin on their big day, but when it comes to choosing the right wedding makeup colors to achieve that look, many are left clueless. With a whole spectrum of colors, and endless variations of matte and shimmer products, it can be difficult to choose the perfect palette of colors for the big day. Fortunately I’ve worked as a makeup artist for many years and there are a few simple tricks that I’ve learned along the way that really help me choose the absolute best set of colors for a bride.

What You Don’t Want

Before we begin talking about how to choose the right set of makeup colors for your big day, let’s first discuss what you should avoid at all costs.

  1. Outrageous colors – on your wedding day you want to choose colors that will enhance your natural beauty and make you look like the blushing bride you truly are, not colors that will attract more attention to themselves than to your actual features! Obnoxiously loud colors such as bright greens and hot purples may be perfect for nights out with your friends and everyday dramatic looks, but not on your wedding day!
  2. Everyday makeup – most of us generally have a set routine of makeup that we put on in the morning: a bit of mascara, maybe some concealer for under the eye and a touch of lip color so our faces don’t look too washed out. Unfortunately for brides not looking to spend the money on a makeup artist, deviating from that everyday look can be difficult, but it must be done. While your everyday makeup probably looks fantastic on you, your wedding day is anything but ordinary! To avoid going with your normal routine, buy some new makeup and brushes and work on perfecting your wedding day look weeks before the actual day!
  3. Too much shimmer – the secret to that oh so desirable radiant glow isn’t magic; no it’s actually a bit of shimmer that is perfectly applied in key places for natural looking highlights. Unfortunately being a bit exuberant with the shimmer products can lead to some horrific photos and a very reflective face (hint – think Twilight!), so always apply shimmer products in moderation!

Tips On Choosing Your Makeup Colors

Choosing the right set of makeup colors can make dramatic difference on your wedding day. Your makeup can easily be the finishing touch that ties your whole look and theme together, or it can be the beautiful and bold accents that stand out on your wedding day look. Whether you’re going for something soft and natural, or bold and dramatic, considering these factors below will help narrow down your choices of colors to the perfect palette

Time of Day

If you’re having a wedding in the morning or afternoon then you should consider lighter colors for your wedding day makeup. On the flip side, brides having evening weddings can pull off a much darker and more dramatic look. Going more natural with your tones will ensure that no matter what time of day you’re having your wedding, you can still look fabulous! Check out some natural wedding makeup sets here: Keeping It Natural 

Time of Year

Incorporating the seasons into your wedding day makeup can really help your look stay fresh and in harmony with the rest of the wedding. If you’re planning a spring wedding, then using lighter hues and fresh tones such as pinks purples will look fabulous. A fall bride can bring in much warmer tones to her look, while a winter bride can utilize the stunning dark reds and bolder colors that look phenomenal against stark white landscapes.

Flower Bouquet

So many of your photos are going to be taken with your bouquet, so if you’ve got a particular color that is being accented in the bouquet, then you can incorporate that into your wedding day makeup colors for a more unified theme. Red roses, for example, look stunning when paired with a bride featuring light makeup and bold red lips. A bouquet of purple orchids, however, is perfectly accented by a bride who has beautiful purple eye shadow tastefully applied with a more neutral color on the lips.

Other things you should consider when choosing your wedding makeup colors

  • Your bridesmaids and their colors
  • Your personal preferences
  • Current bridal styles and makeup trends
  • Your skin tone and what works best with it
  • Your eye color and hair color

When it comes to choosing the perfect colors for your wedding day makeup, it’s all about the natural tones and making sure that everything works in harmony with your dress and accent colors for the wedding. Highlighting one feature on your face and keeping the others more neutral will allow you to have a beautiful wedding day look without your makeup being too overdone. Additionally, considering the time of year and time of day will help dramatically narrow down your choices of colors!

Natural Wedding Makeup

As a highly trained makeup artist who used to work for a top cosmetic company, I’ve spent the majority of my life enhancing the natural beauty of brides with my keen eye for colors. Now I’ve created my own line of 100% natural vegan makeup called Keeping It Natural! You can view my other my other posts for more tips and advice on wedding day makeup, or check out my Etsy shop to see some fabulous natural wedding makeup!

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