First Dance Tips – Advice From Professionals

first dance tips

First Dance Tips

First dances are so important to a wedding reception, however it can be a major form of stress for couples who have stage fright, no sense rhythm, or are simply incapable of dancing. The first dance is supposed to be a beautiful expression of the love between the couple for all the guests to see, but couples stress so much because they not only want to enjoy the dance themselves, but look good as well!

Couples stressing about their first dance know that you are far from alone. Almost every couple out there who plans on having a first dance is stressing about it.

  • “What if I trip?”
  • “What if we look stupid just shuffling about in a circle?”
  • “what if I forget a move?”

These common fears play on a bride and groom’s mind and for those who have the added fear of stages will find that it can even overshadow the excitement of the wedding. Fortunately some professional choreographer’s and wedding coordinators have given their advice on not only how to choose the right song, but on how to find the perfect dance instructor so that your first dance is something you are proud to watch years later!

First Dance Tips – Find the right music

Right so you’re not into the traditional waltz music used for first dances? No problem. Don’t force you and your partner into dancing to something you don’t enjoy because it will show.  Additionally, if you are not an experienced dancer and the rhythm is too fast or inaudible, then your inexperience could lead to obvious mistakes on the dance floor.

Find a few songs, review other first dances for some inspiration and an idea of how couples will look dancing to certain tempos, and also review the song choices by your choreographer or instructor.

First Dance Tips – Keep Clothing in Mind

Men are generally off the hook here because of the suits that don’t really restrict their movement; however brides are not. Restrictive mermaid dresses, high heels, and heavy layers can really make a simple dance into a complicated routine. Brides should wear clothing similar to what they are wearing during their reception so they can practice their dance and learn how to maneuver properly so that there are no mistakes during the actual dance.

First Dance Tips – Dance lessons vs Choreographed Dance

Dance lessons will help you learn a particular style or preset dance. This is for couples who don’t have a specific style in mind or who don’t want something to go exactly to the music. A choreographed dance is specifically created for the couple based on the song choice, the capabilities of the couple, and the overall style and personality of the soon-to-be married couple.

First Dance Tips – Practice Practice Practice

When you go to your choreographer or dance lessons, see if you can set a camera down so you can film the lessons. This will allow you to practice at home with the aid of the instructor. Viewing yourself on camera can show you how you look dancing and allow you to make small changes in arm placement, facial expressions, or dance movements.

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