Five Essential Pre Wedding Diet Tips

pre wedding diet tips

Five Essential Pre Wedding Diet Tips

Every bride has it – that “Oh no!” moment when she looks into the mirror and finds some absurd bit of fat or flab somewhere. Unfortunately there is such a massive amount of pressure for brides to be stick thin, look incredibly tan, and be flawless on their wedding day that many brides set incredibly high and very unrealistic expectations for dieting and weight loss. While we definitely think every woman is beautiful just the way she is, and that stunning brides come in all sizes and shapes, we do feel obligated to help out those brides who are struggling to reach their weight loss goals.

Weight loss and dieting can be a great thing spurred on by an upcoming wedding. There is never a bad time to truly get in shape and take better care of your body; however meeting those goals and working “with” the body to shed excess weight can be difficult. That’s why we recommend a great cardio exercise routine starting well in advance to your wedding, (check out our favorite for some great workouts), and these five great pre wedding diet tips to help shed off those extra pounds!

Pre Wedding Diet Tip #1 – Eat more often

This may seem counter intuitive, especially if you are desperately trying to shed that tummy fat right before your beach wedding, but it actually works. People will often say that you need to cut down your portions and eat smaller meals many times a day – and they’re right!

If you eat more often, your body is consistently using what you eat for energy instead of storing it. This means your metabolism is higher, you’re storing less fat, and you actually stay more focused throughout the day when you satisfy your cravings between meals!

Pre Wedding Diet Tip #2 – Eat a high fiber diet

The higher your diet is in fiber, the longer you will feel full on smaller portions. Fiber is essential for your body, and it also helps to remove toxins from your body. Want some tips on some normal high fiber foods? Then consider eating:

–          High fiber cereals (hint it says it on the box and in the nutrients on the back!)

–          Oatmeal (don’t drown it with sugar! Try just a pinch of cinnamon instead)

–          Brown rice

–          Black beans and lima beans

–          Broccoli

Pre Wedding Diet Tip #3 – Avoid processed foods

Best thing to do is if its already premade, or in a packet at the store, then don’t buy it! These foods are always incredibly high in sugars, sodium, and artificial ingredients that simply are so unhealthy for your body. Additionally, they don’t make you nearly as full as you could be on healthier alternatives that contain more protein and higher fiber content!

Pre Wedding Diet Tip #4 – Trick your brain with smaller plates

Eying that large plate with only tiny portions of food on it? Yea, that doesn’t look filling at all and the problem with that is your brain will send signals to your body telling it to eat more because that isn’t a large portion like you’re used to. So what do you do? Trick your brain!

Instead of loading small portions onto a normal dinner plate, get an appetizer plate instead. Additionally, try putting things into smaller bowls and taller glasses. Whatever you do – shrink the size of the container and the portions you are eating will seem like they are larger and more filling!

Pre Wedding Diet Tip #5 – Drink a glass of water before every meal

Not only should you be drinking around eight glasses of water a day, but drinking a large glass right before your meal will help you feel fuller on less food – enhancing your ability to eat smaller portions and lose weight faster before your wedding!

If you hate the taste of water, try some zero calorie flavor drops to add in it – they even have ones for energy so you can really stay focused and burn more calories before your wedding!

Check out some more wedding diet tips at Glamour, or simply look through our Beauty and Fitness section here at The I Do Moment!

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  1. Charlotte Taylor says:

    Diet?! Omg I’m trying to gain weight! All of the stress from my in laws and planning the wedding has made me lose ten pounds in just a few months! I literally need to gain some weight by drinking protein shakes throughout the day 🙁 . I guess stress can affect a bride to be in different ways though. I know my sister loved to stress eat before her wedding but she managed to still look fabulous in her dress!

    I guess my advice for brides looking to either lose or gain weight is just to try and be healthy. I mean altering a dress is kinda a big deal if its like the day before the wedding, but just try on the dress a week or two before to make sure you dont need any last minute changes and that should be more than enough time to get everything fitted properly!

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