Five fitness tips for brides having a beach wedding

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Beach Wedding Tips on Getting Into Shape

Beach weddings generally mean sleeveless tops, thin dresses, and bikinis. Unfortunately all of those may spell disaster for a nervous bride-to-be preparing for her big day. Whether you have fatty arms, unpleasant cellulite, bloating problems, or simply want to lose weight in all the right areas, we hear you! Here at The I Do Moment we have five fitness wedding tips to help you look sexy and fit on your big day (and big night!).

Bride to be: I’ve got a sleeveless dress, but my underarms look like bat wings because of fat! How do I get rid of it fast?

–          Fatty underarms or triceps are common amongst women and it is, unfortunately, one of the places women store excess fat. Along with your wedding diet and exercise regimen, you should target the muscles in your underarms by getting an elastic band or a resistance band. These bands, when used for about ten minutes every other day, will help increase your muscle mass under your arms and dramatically reduce the look of flabby arms!

Bride to be: My buttocks and thighs look disgusting because of cellulite. Is there anything I can do about it?

–          Understanding what causes cellulite will help you not only fight it, but prevent it from getting worse in the future. Essentially cellulite is fat cells that have poked through due to your skin losing elasticity. Your skin can lose elasticity mainly through decreased circulation to the area, so it is not only crucial to lose weight, but also increase the circulation.

The best way to increase circulation is avoid crossing your legs for long periods of time months prior to the wedding. Additionally, get a body brush and use it regularly. This will definitely help increase your circulation, and it gets rid of dead skin cells so your skin will look radiant and flawless after a few weeks of treatment!

Bride to be: I can’t afford to get a trainer, but I run out of motivation when exercising on my own. How can I look great in my bikini and wedding dress?

–          Many brides simply cannot afford the added expense of a personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get into great shape for their wedding day! One of the best wedding tips we can give you is to instruct one or more of your bridesmaids to workout with you and to diet with you! Use free online tools such as (insert here) or (insert here) to count calories and track your progress. Additionally, try working out together. Having friends work with you encourages you to be more motivated since you are responsible with someone else!

Bride to be: My dieting results aren’t showing any improvement! How am I ever going to look great in my beach wedding if I can’t lose this extra weight?!

–          Dieting is one of the hardest things to stick to because many people take a hacksaw to their current diet and completely remove a multitude of foods. For those who lack the incredible willpower to stick to a brand new diet, then try taking smaller steps.

Bride to be: I bloat so easily! What causes it and how can I avoid becoming bloated near my wedding time?

–          Bloating can be caused by menstruation, but is mostly caused by the various foods you eat. One of the most common types of food that causes bloating is wheat. If you haven’t already, then swap out your bread and pasta for some oat based items or even simply for veggies altogether. Additionally, grab some chicken and fish in lieu of red meat!

One of the best wedding tips for getting into shape is to start months ahead of time and slowly begin eliminating certain foods from your diet each week. For example, cut down the amount of soda pops you drink each day week by week. Additionally, try replacing a snack food with something healthy instead. This will allow you to create smaller goals that are easier to stick to. Combining the results of smaller goals and regular exercise over months of time will yield amazing results that you will be proud of!

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  1. Carley Tavares says:

    Ugh I waited too long before getting into shape for my wedding! Any last minute fitness tips to really slim down and fit into my dress? I’ve got a pouch and really need to get rid of it lol!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Ah last minute slim downs are the worst! I’m sure you will look brilliant either way, but if you’re looking for a quick slim down wedding routine then I may have something in mind.

    I’ve recently been trying out a new workout that only uses two moves so if you’re in for some intense training that really gets rid of belly fat then you can try this workout: Best Fat Loss Workout

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