Five Reasons To Consider Silk Wedding Flowers

Five Reasons To Consider Silk Wedding Flowers

When it comes to everything you need for a wedding, the checklist is quite extensive. From dresses, venues, shoes, favors, and more, any bride planning their DIY wedding can easily get overwhelmed with the prices and sheer volume of things needed for this one day. Unfortunately flowers play a crucial role in wedding, but they are also one of the more expensive elements as well. If you’ve not considered silk wedding flowers before, then simply check through the five reasons below and see if silk alternatives are right for your wedding day!

1. You can rent silk wedding flowers

Brides on a tight wedding budget may be looking for any way to save a few pennies which is why silk wedding flowers can be a huge money saver. Instead of paying for tons of real wedding flowers that are difficult, hard to manage, and wilt generally the day after (sooner if you are in a hot venue), rented silk wedding flowers are a perfect option. You can have them professionally arranged, dropped off, and then picked up the next day without having to deal with all of the hassle!

2. Off season wedding flowers

If you are planning a winter wedding, you may be surprised to see that most of your traditional wedding flowers will be out of stock because of the cold season. If you do manage to find someone selling certain flowers that are off season, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for them! This is why realistic silk wedding flowers are an excellent option. Pay a set price all year round and never have to worry about which flowers are in season for your winter wedding!

3. DIY silk wedding flower arrangements

For brides with a crafty side looking to save money for their budget wedding, DIY wedding bouquet and floral arrangements with silk wedding flowers is a great option! You can buy the flowers months and months ahead of time without any worry. Additionally, you can spend as much time as you want preparing the arrangements until they are just right!

4. Silk wedding flowers last forever

Wanting to keep a memento of your wedding? Well don’t expect your wedding bouquets to last much longer than a few days after the ceremony! Even dried wedding flowers are fragile and prone to molding if you accidentally have them in a humid environment. To savor your wedding, you can have silk wedding flower bouquets made to use for the actual ceremony, or you can have a duplicate to keep forever and use a real wedding flower bouquet on the day of.

5. Combine real and silk wedding flowers

For those thinking silk wedding flowers will look tacky when your guests notice (which they don’t if you get high quality ones), you can always use silk and real flowers. Have silk flowers set off in large arrangements around the venue that people don’t get quite close to, and use real ones for the bouquets and centerpiece arrangements! This means you save tons of money and you can still have a fabulously decorated venue!

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  1. Eve Olden says:

    For those who think silk flowers are horrid – they’re really not all that bad! If you get really high quality silk flowers they look exactly like the real thing! My sister-in-law had to get silk flowers because she had a winter wedding and her flower wasn’t in season then. Fortunately the silk ones were really high quality and now she’s got her bridal bouquet (she ordered a second one for the toss so the original wasn’t destroyed) sitting on top of the mantle in the living room! It looks absolutely gorgeous there and to have a constant reminder of the happiest day of her life is fantastic i’m sure! I’ll definitely be purchasing a silk flower arrangement as well not because of the cost or the fact that some flowers aren’t in season, but because you’ll never be able to keep a real bouquet forever!

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