How To Make Sure Your Dog Behaves During Wedding Photos

Our wedding day is one of the most important moments in our lives, and when it comes to a wedding photo shoot we want to capture the love we share with our significant other as well as the happiness we have by being surrounded by the people who are important to us. For those of us who love our dogs, that’s not just limited to people either.

There are plenty of married-couples-to-be who want to include their four-legged friend in the photo shoot, and that is certainly understandable and more than welcomed by most photographers you’ll come across. That said, it’s important that your pet is at the top of his or her behavior during this important day so that you’re not wasting anyone’s time nor ruining the photos of your perfect day.

Make Sure To Bring A Leash

If you do nothing else, you should have your dog wear a leash during the photo shoot so that you can keep them reigned in as needed. Unless you have an incredibly well-trained dog (which some people do), it’s just going to take away from many of the frustrations that could come up throughout the day. Plus, it’s going to be helpful for the rest of the celebrations as well. People might get distracted as the night wears on, and it’s a good idea to have the extra insurance to keep your dog safe. You can always let your dog off the leash for periods of time when someone is watching them, but it’s still worth having nearby for when you need it.

Have Them Wear A Bark Collar

Having your dog wear a bark collar is another way that you can keep them acting cordial while the photo shoot takes place. If your dog is well trained with a bark collar, they’ll know just by wearing it that it’s time to be on their best behavior. You can probably even find one with a collar that looks nice as well as fulfills its basic form and function. Top it off with a bow or a suitable tie and your dog will be ready to show that camera what they’ve got with style. Many people will dress their dog up in a tuxedo or a dress depending on their gender so that they can fit in with the party and even match the bridesmaids or groomsmen. Some have even tied their wedding rings to the dog’s collar so that they can be the ring bearer at the moment of the big event.

Keep Lots Of Treats On Hand

Your wedding is a day of celebration, and you’re likely to be indulging in a few of your most favorite treats yourself. Why not extend the favor to your dog as well? In fact, it’s a great way to keep them happy and reward them for good behavior. Plus, they’ll simply be more content when they are fed with treats all day and less likely to cause a disturbance. Some dogs have insurmountable appetites, but many dogs will also fill up on treats making them less likely to devour any scraps that have made it to the floor. This can prevent upsets to their tummies and – heaven forbid – an unplanned visit to the vet.

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