Precious flakes


The ethereal allure of PRECIOUS FLAKES makes them a marvelous choice for manicures whose beauty can outreach any stretch of imagination. Because they are semi-translucent, each individual colour scheme takes on surprisingly varied hues depending on which gel polish you use as a base.

precious flakes #2 - jupiter dreams

Purples and greens and many shades between, these flakes are as moving as an ever-stormy ice giant.


precious flakes #1 - mercury mysteries

A close-up impression of the purples, blues, and greens that illuminate the planet of communication.


precious flakes #3 - earthly echoes

Greens and blues dance with warmer hues on flakes that remind us of our terrestrial home.


precious flakes #4 - neptune nights

Dreams no longer feel distant when you have these speckled indigo flakes and their yellow undertones on hand.


precious flakes #5 - venus visions

A hot and fiery colour scheme with cool-toned flashes calls to mind none other than the planet of love.




Simply polish and cure your nails with any gelmoment gel polish following the regular application instructions.


Apply one coat of clearly frisky gel polish and cure.


Then immediately use the included applicator brush to pick up the flakes and press them onto the nail surface.


Brush off any excess flakes then top with one coat of clearly frisky.


Cure once more and delight in the results!


Option 1

Flake Off Remover


Gently buff surface of polish to allow flake off remover solution to work more effectively.


Apply a thick layer of flake off remover over buffed polish. Avoid contact with skin. If contact occurs, remove immediately with a cleanser pad.


Let product sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Multiple coats of polish, top coats, or powders added may require additional time.


Remove flaking polish residue with your Gelmoment cuticle pusher. it should come off easily; do not force it, this can damage your nail.

Option 2

Gentle Care Remover Pads


Simply follow instructions provided on the packaging.


For best results, use remover pads with Gelmoment remover clips, an accessory that facilitates the removal process.


SILICA; CI 77891

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly

No Animal Testing

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use near heat or flame. Keep away from eyes and skin. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water. Harmful if ingested.