Ivory VS White Wedding Dress

Ivory VS White Wedding Dress

Ivory VS White Wedding Dress

To say that every bride knows what she wants is foolish, especially when it comes to a wedding dress. As a bride myself I know that I’ve changed my mind so many times I think my friends and family are beginning to get whip lash from the abruptness of which I go from absolute certainty on one thing, to being completely dead set on another.

First I wanted white, because white was what you were “supposed” to get. Even though I was not a virgin (gasp!), adhering to traditions is something that is important to me….but is white really a tradition we should follow? If you, like myself, have caught yourself musing over the possibilities of a white, ivory, cream, or even champagne wedding dress, then continue reading to learn a bit more about the main differences between these two colors and how each color can dramatically affect your overall look and big day.

White Wedding Dress Tradition – Why It All Startedwhite wedding dress queen victoria

Most people think, wrongly mind you, that white has been a longstanding tradition that meant the bride was a pure virgin, but you’d actually be surprised to learn the real history behind the white wedding dress tradition.

You see, back in the 1800’s, colored wedding dresses were actually the main style. It wasn’t until the 10th of February in 1840 that the first true white wedding dress was worn by none other than Queen Victoria herself. Upon marrying Prince Albert, Queen Victoria truly changed the wedding fashion and has molded it into the stereotypical white wedding dress tradition that we see today. After her wedding, many influential families began to adopt the white wedding dress tradition because it became a sign of ‘wealth’ and ‘power’. Later, white wedding dresses began to bring with them the notion of purity and virginity – something that is now a common misconception and often a hard tradition to break.

Ivory VS White Wedding Dress – Which Is Better?

When choosing an ivory vs white wedding dress, you really need to consider all of the features of each.

Skin toneIvory VS White Wedding Dress

As an incredibly pale person myself, I found that an ivory wedding dress was truly better than a white one. I felt so much pressure to be “tan” and to at least have some contrast in color between my dress and I that it began to stress me out far too much. That’s when I began looking into an off-white wedding dress option.

Stark white wedding dresses tend to massively bleach a person out if they are of fair skin tones. Fortunately women with a bit of tan on them, or even darker skin, look absolutely fabulous in stark white. Thankfully ivory offers that softer and very subtle hint of color that really makes even the palest bride look blushing and radiant!


When it comes to the tradition of a white wedding dress, many people find that they would rather not “rock the boat”, or that they love the idea of embodying the look of purity and virginity. Even though the entire idea of a stark white wedding dress began with the upper class attempting to flaunt their affluence over the lower classes, it still carries a heavy weight in today’s society.


Finding stark white accessories to go with your stark white wedding dress is often so much easier than trying to exactly color match with ivory. There are quite a few shades of ivory – some ranging from almost champagne, to others being just a smidge different than white – so if you are incredibly picky and have to have everything exactly color matched, you may want to go with white to be easier!


When it comes to deciding an ivory vs white wedding dress, it is really down to your own personal opinion. If you fall in love with an ivory wedding dress and think you look fabulous in it, then absolutely nothing should change your mind from that – same if it was a white dress. Many traditional people may consider anything other than a stark white wedding dress as ghastly, but who is this wedding for really? Them or you and your life partner? It is your wedding and you should get exactly what you want otherwise you will be reminded of it and regret it every time you look at your wedding photos!

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  1. Tez says:

    Definitely never wearing white. I read this post earlier and didn’t think anything of it because I, for some odd reason, thought I was much tanner than I really was. Unfortunately when I went for my dress appointment every white gown I tried one made me look washed out and old. The second I put on an ivory dress, I noticed a huge difference! I actually ended up going with a blush colored wedding dress overall (it had a stunning skirt)!

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