Jodie Marsh rocks a jumpsuit at her beach wedding

jodie marsh wedding photos

Jodie Marsh Wedding

Jodie Marsh wedding photos, jumpsuit, and more!

Jodie Marsh, the sexy bodybuilder, model, and TV star has officially tied the knot to the love of her life on a beach in Barbados. Tattoos, revealing outfits, and busty displays have become synonymous with Jodie, so it was no surprise that her wedding day attire was anything but traditional.

At first glance, the white spaghetti strap outfit Jodie Marsh wears on her wedding day seems simple and elegant. The deep plunge is anything but unusual, yet she pulls it off beautifully. The bottom of the outfit, however, reveals that it is not a dress at all but instead a unique and very bohemian looking jumpsuit.

Wedding jumpsuits haven’t ever really been anything seen elsewhere but on the runway. The majority of the white jumpsuits that are designed for weddings are high collared, high wasted outfits that not only look unbearably stuffy, but are never really seen in real life. Fortunately Jodie Marsh stayed true to her nature and didn’t follow protocol of any kind. Instead, she opted for a bespoke optional that was busty and sexy, yet still remained casual and comfortable enough for her beach theme.

The bespoke wedding jumpsuit Jodie Marsh wore on her beach wedding was created by and has a simple halter neck with spaghetti straps. The back is open showing off her stunning tattoos with only a simple tie to hold the fabric under the front of the bust together. Despite being as far from traditional as possible, this stunning white jumpsuit fits Jodie to a tee and really suits the beach day wedding she had planned with her now husband James Placido.

Check out Jodie Marsh wedding day photos, amazing jumpsuit, and more in the gallery below!

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