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As the owner of Keeping it Natural I feel it’s my duty to the customers to provide exceptionally high quality vegan makeup and 100% natural makeup at an affordable price. My years of experience in customer service and retail cosmetics gave me a great understanding of what people are looking for in their makeup, and it taught me much of what I know use to run my own small business.

Each item I sell, whether it’s my fantastic mineral foundation, my highly pigmented lip stains, or even my popular natural creamy mascara, is hand crafted by myself. I use only the highest quality natural ingredients in my cosmetics so that each of my customers leaves 100% satisfied after each purchase! Come check out my online shop, or even visit us in person if you are near the Athens Georgia area! We have a lovely shop in downtown Athens that caters to a variety of customers who all rave about our 100% natural cosmetics! Additionally, in our store front shop we also sell a lot more items such as: bath fizzies, Shea Terra Organics, rosemary foot balm, natural honey bee products, and so much more!

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Cake Mascara
Available in three different colors, the vegan mascara here at Keeping It Natural is absolutely lovely. It is so creamy and healthy feeling when you apply it to your lashes, and with the option of either black, dark brown, or green, you can create thick long lashes without all of the harsh chemicals and additives in regular mascara!
With a plethora of colors available, you can truly find the perfect pallette of colors for your makeup set here at Keeping It Natural. I’ve created a wide range of purples, earth tones, blues, and oranges that all come highly pigmented so you only have to use a tiny bit of powder to get an exact color match. Additionally, I’ve create beautiful matte finishes and shimmer finishes for different eye shadows, so make sure to check them out! 
Nothing truly brings warmth and depth to a face like some blush and bronzer. Properly applied, any pale face can be made to look radiant and sweet, while the bronzer can be used to add dimension and contour where there was none to begin with. With 100% natural vegan cosmetics, you’ll find that my blush and bronzers are some of the healthiest products available, and they cost a fraction of the price you’ll see in stores!
Lip Stain
Packaged in an easy twist up tube, or a convenient tin, the lip stains and balms that are available at Keeping It Natural are beautifully colored. The deep reds range in shades from coral, ruby, blackberry, rose gold, and even a lovely plum bronze that looks gorgeous in the Fall. Choose from a variety of lip stains and enjoy natural hues and beautiful colors all year round! 

I love this mascara so much that I actually bought it a second time! As with anything homemade, both products are just a little different. The first one was harder and worked better as eyeliner, my second one is creamier and works better as mascara but too thick for mascara. My eyes thank me for buying this!Illumernated
This is a beautiful shade and has lots of staying power. Very pigmented for a natural product, which is just what I wanted. I would buy from KeepingItNatural again. Thank you!Alia
Love all her products and always keep coming back. This is a different shade than I’ve used before because she didn’t have the one I’ve bought before but it’s still great. Shipping does take a long time but it’s worth it.Diana Par-Due
When I first got this it was really really dry, and I contacted the shop owner and she was crazy helpful and sent me a new one (as it had dried in the mail.) Then the package got lost in the mail but again she was super helpful and I got it today and also two things of eye shadow because she felt bad but it was fantastic and so are the eyeshadows and I will definitely be buying from here again just great service.Great Dane Lurver

I absolutely love the finishing Veil! It adds an air brushed look! So nice and my skin has never looked better!Tara Hall

If you’re looking to contact us here at Keeping It Natural, or you simply want to look at buying some of our fantastic products, you have multiple ways to do so! On the next tab, we have a map showing you where our actual store is in downtown Athens Georgia, and below we have our links to talk to us on Facebook, our website, and even our Etsy shop!

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