Meet the Team

We are a group of pet lovers who would like to share and inform about the lifestyle of having pets. Truly, having one is surely life-changing for all of us. They are not simply a pet but also part of the family. Because of that, just like marriage, we have our commitment to them.

Here is the group that will happily help you with tips and information:


The leader of the group. She is very passionate about anything pet-related. Because of that, she has a lot of knowledge and would gladly share it with everyone.


She has been a pet lover ever since she can remember. She is so passionate that she joins a lot advocates and groups for pets. Caring is one of her beautiful traits, and she surely shows it.


Pets are, no question, part of her life. She sees to it that they are part of her every day life. So no matter what occasion, she makes sure they are by her side.