Naked Wedding Cakes – Inspiration

Naked cakes are becoming increasingly popular as brides-to-be throw out traditional fondant smothered cakes in favor of something more rustic and tasteful. Naked cakes are truly a simple and elegant solution that offers a flavor sensation for your guests, looks stunning in photos, and is a lot easier for DIY planner brides looking to try their and at wedding cake baking!

For those of you looking for some naked cakes to inspire you for your own upcoming wedding, then check out the collection below. These cakes are some of the most beautiful cakes on the web and truly capture the theme of the weddings that they are featured in! Additionally, if you want to learn how to make your own wedding cake, and make it look like one of these naked cakes, check out our DIY wedding cake tips and more!

Naked Wedding Cake Ideas

naked wedding cakes

Fruit decoration and icing between layers leaves for a simple and beautiful cake!

naked wedding cakes 2

Using flowers seen in the wedding ceremony and bouquets this naked cake is beautifully tied into the theme.

naked wedding cakes 3

Simple and elegant, the use of scrabble pieces truly adds a unique feel.

naked wedding cakes 4

Color truly helps this unique little wedding cake stand out!

naked wedding cakes 5

Caramel syrup on top can be substituted with chocolate or even something different altogether!

naked wedding cakes 7

Berry combinations for a slightly healthy and more rustic feel to the overall wedding cake!

naked wedding cakes 8

Syrup in between each later for a delicious and interesting surprise.

naked wedding cakes 10

Clean chocolate layers with a thin set of icing in between make for a beautiful overall finish. Topped with gold treats and syrup for a classy finish!

naked wedding cakes 11

Naked Wedding Cake Ideas – Berries and powdered sugar truly add to the physical appearance of this impressive wedding cake!

naked wedding cakes 12

Naked Wedding Cake Ideas – Simple roses with baby’s breath and clean vanilla layers.

naked wedding cakes 13

Strawberries and cream wedding cake with a truly beautiful cake topper! So chic!

naked wedding cakes 15

Naked Wedding Cakes – Bright poppy flowers really stand out amongst this naked cake with a more messy overall appearance!

naked wedding cakes 16

Naked Wedding Cake Ideas – The couple played to the taste of all guests with a multi-flavored naked cake!

naked wedding cakes 17

Naked Wedding Cakes – Very rustic and tasty looking! The powdered sugar is seen lightly coating the berries and overall this truly looks delicious!

naked wedding cakes 18

A wedding cake with a bit more of a polished feel. The precise icing on this naked cake makes it more suitable for both a country chic or even a more elegant themed wedding!

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