Ideas For A Dog-Friendly Wedding

Your dog is not just a pet but also a part of your family. They are always there and accompany you whenever you need. Because of that, you would want to have to be part of every milestone of your life. Some would be easier than others like birthdays or promotions. But then, there are other occasions that would be quite challenging, because it requires a lot of planning. One of those is your wedding.

It is truly a big moment for your life and not having your beloved dog is out of the question. It will also be a great chance to invite others to their pets. It will be great especially if your other half also loves them. So how can this be done?

1. The Venue

Of course, you would need to know if the venues you have on your mind allows animals. Some will surely not. Because of that, you will have to do some research. You can talk to the owners and your wedding coordinator about this. Aside from that, you will have to see if the place is really applicable to pets. This means not only that they are allowed but also a place where they can roam around and someplace that would not cause any accidents.

2. The Food

Another thing is the food. It will be quite a problem because a lot of ingredients are not allowed for dogs. There will be certain questions about that. Should the food be just for the human guests or should it be also applicable for the dogs? Or is there a need to have a separate food for them? If that is the case, you should keep in mind your budget, because that will certainly cost more. That will also include water and food to keep them comfortable during the ceremony.

3. The Guests

Your guests are a big part, and some of them will surely have their own dog. But you should also be mindful of the others who do not have one or not too fond of them or have allergies. To do that, you should inform them ahead of time. You can put it in your invitation. With that, you can prepare a place separated from those who will have their pets. This will also give you a choice about limitations.

4. The Involvement

Because your dog is part of your family, you will want them to be involved. It could be not only with the pictures, which is a challenge itself but also to the ceremony. You will have to talk to your wedding coordinator and also choose the right role. To do that, you have to make sure that you really know your dog to make sure that they will do it without any problem. 

5. The Plan

While you are planning, always involve scenarios pertaining to the dogs. They are unpredictable and should be ready for every scenario you will face. Keep in mind that there are more important things you should mind (like the ceremony itself), so you will need assistants involving the dogs.

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