The Photogenic Wedding Guide For The Non Photogenic Couple

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Engagement and wedding photos are something that can be a huge source of stress for a couple if they’re not photogenic. The idea of a photographer zooming about taking photos every few seconds can send some people into straight breakdown mode, while others it makes them physically ill thinking about how the finished photo is going to look. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, however for a couple that either:

  • Hates photos
  • Feels self-conscious
  • Or is not photogenic

The prospect of wedding photos is quite simply horrifying. Fortunately, I’ve compiled this guide to help couples and I’ve based it off of my lifelong dislike of photos, my frankly horrific engagement shots (of course my now husband managed to look great as always in them! 🙁 ), and my overall lovely wedding shoot that resulted in a myriad of photos I’m *finally* happy with!

The Ultimate Wedding Guide To Ensuring You’re As Photogenic As Possible

  1. Identify your problem with photos

The first step to fixing any problem is to actually identify it. Are you self-conscious about your body or a particular feature on yourself? Are you often uncomfortable in the style of clothing you’re wearing? Are you simply caught off guard in photos? Figuring out what truly bothers you about a photo is essential because then you can discuss this with your photographer.

My main issue is that I simply was self-conscious about certain areas of my body – mainly my arms and chin. As a result, I often found myself scowling at the camera because I generally was about to tell off whomever dared take a photo of me. The end result for my photos taken by anyone else but myself is me sat there looking quite frumpy and grumpy, which was something I definitely didn’t want for my wedding day. Fortunately I worked around it; I spoke with my photographer, looked at some actual photos of brides (not model ones who are stick thin with no body fat), and I found a dress I felt simply stunning in.

So, if you’ve got some deep seated body issues, then it’s time to start working on them. Learning to embrace how you look and love yourself will dramatically improve not only how you feel about the photos once they’re taken, but also how you hold yourself and appear in photos as well!

Body Issues – A huge issue with the “not so photogenic” people is that they are actually photogenic, they just don’t like certain things about their appearance such as their weight. If you’ve got these issues either change what’s bothering you if it’s possible, hide it with clothing or makeup, or just plain get over it! Face it, your partner is with you despite these so called “issues” and they still love you and are marrying you. It’s about time you love yourself no matter what shape or size you are! If you’re a bit overweight, try eating right and enjoying a healthier diet, but just remember not to do any dramatic changes just before your photos or your wedding. There’s been far too many people who end up with serious cosmetic issues right before their big day!

  1. Be Completely Comfortable

If you’re worried about looking not so photogenic in your engagement or wedding shoot, then one major thing you should be concerned with is how comfortable you both are. You’ll end up throwing every penny of your money down the drain if you’re uncomfortable during the shoot because it WILL show up in your photos. Whether it’s your shoes, your clothing, the weather, or even the location, it’s 100% important that you are at ease. Once you find the perfect location and the perfect outfit, you’ll be much more inclined to feel happy and be yourself – something that truly results in stunning engagement/wedding photos!

  1. Find a photographer you trust

Having a photographer you love and trust will ensure that you’re even more comfortable during your photo shoot because they’ll get you to smile sincerely, laugh naturally, and simply look stunningly happy in your photos. Additionally, when you trust your photographer you can be open and honest with them about your concerns which is absolutely crucial.

Tell them if you’re feeling nervous about how you look, voice to them any problems you’ve had with previous photos and shoots, and also mention if there are any particular poses you want taken during the shoot! This open line of communication will dramatically ease any apprehension before, during, and after the shoot for both the couple and the photographer!

  1. Just have fun

Last bit of advice – just have fun! Truthfully, it is hard to sit and not think about the camera and how you look, which is why a bit of distraction can help. Fortunately technology allows us to play music and videos right from our smart phones, so if you need a bit of distraction, then why not download your favorite songs to a playlist and put them on during the photo shoot? Having music playing can really help set the mood (romantic, funny, etc.) based on the tune playing, and it can really put you at ease during the entire shoot!

Any more suggestions on how to have a wonderfully photogenic shooting experience for your engagement and wedding photos? Let us know in the comment section below or leave us a message on the “Contact Us” page!



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