Pre Wedding Ab Roller Workout

ab roller workout

Pre Wedding Ab Roller Workout

Buying a wedding dress a size smaller is something that I would never encourage, however it is something I stupidly did. Despite busting out at the seams on my fitting, I still have not managed to stick to my diet properly (c’mon who doesn’t love cupcakes?!), however I am doing fairly well on my workouts. Unfortunately I was hitting a huge snag – my annoying little love handle stuck stubbornly to my midsection.

I’m overly frugal so I generally use YouTube workouts for my pre wedding fitness routines. I never really owned anything other than a Yoga mat and some resistance bands, however I did surprisingly purchase a new workout machine a little while ago that I thought to share with you!

I was prowling through the aisles at my local Wal-Mart when I found a fairly cheap ab machine. It looked like something that would assist with push ups at first, however upon further inspection it was actually a rolling device that worked your core muscles. As dubious as I was, I couldn’t resist the stupidly low price of just $7.17, so I decided to toss it in my cart and resolved to return it if I hated it.

When I got home I unpacked all my stuff and decided to give the Ab Roller workout a try. I was really hoping that the Ab Roller workout would be my key to successfully fitting in my dress without busting out at the seams so I was eager to try it out! Unfortunately the directions that came with it were utterly confusing. I came oh so close to breaking my nose as I fell face forward into the ground when I first tried the Ab Roller workout. Thankfully, the internet provided me with a solution:

Ab Roller Workout

After finding out how to successfully operate my little ab roller, I was surprised at how incredibly difficult it was! The first day I managed only twenty successful attempts, however the following days were a fair bit worse as my abs were completely killing me! I had never known that muscles existed so far up my rib cage and that they would hurt (in a good way) that much after a single workout. While I’m still far from my target, and I’m still working on my diet, this ab roller has been one successful tool that packs a complete core workout into just a single exercise that can be done in only a few minutes!

Where to get the ab roller

I bought the cheapest model over at my local Wal-Mart, and you can find it online at the in-store price here, however there are more deluxe ab roller workout models on Amazon here!

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  1. Rachel says:

    So I definitely need to work on my.midsection as well for my wedding but I’m like you in the sense that I hate spending money if I can get away with something free or cheap. However I have been looking at the ab roller AND the ab machine (you know that curved bar one you use to assist with normal crunches), but I’m stuck between the two. Have you tried the other? Which would you recommend?

    • Stephanie says:

      I personally prefer ab roller simply because the motion of normal crunches causes pain in my neck and back. I’ve tried one a while back when I went to the gym with a friend and I just did not like it as much.

      Hope this helps and that you get the right machine for you! If you go to Wal-Mart, they offer both and have a great exchange option. If you get one and it simply doesn’t work for you, take it back the next day and see about getting the other one!

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