Rim Rock Ranch – California’s most unique wedding venue

Rim Rock Ranch

A unique and romantic California wedding venue….

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Wedding planning seems to begin as one of two words – traditional or “I want something…..different.” For those searching for a truly memorable location, a wedding at Rim Rock Ranch offers just that, a bohemian backdrop with some pretty interesting history as well.

About 125 miles outside Hollywood lies Pioneertown, California. Near Joshua Tree National Park, the area is breathtakingly beautiful. Westerns, big in the 1940’s, drew film makers to the area. Big names of the era, famous Gene Autry and Roy Rogers helped build Pioneertown to become a movie set for the “cowboys of Hollywood.” Films such as “The Cisco Kid” were filmed there. Nearby Rim Rock Ranch became the getaway spot for those working on a film.  Over the years. westerns became less popular and more people moved into Pioneertown.

Today, Pioneertown still retains its quaint western flair, the vision of Autry and Rogers. Everything from bowling (original floor, thank you!) to corrals can be found.  And Rim Rock Ranch, once home to actors and extras of Hollywood westerns, has become one of the hottest eclectic wedding venues around.

A stunning desert wedding venue

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Perhaps one of the most stunning aspects of a wedding venue here is location location location. Over 4,000 feet above sea level,  unmatched, unparalleled, the landscape will leave you speechless. Sharp turqoise skies with some of the whitest clouds found frame amazing views for miles. With four distinct seasons, the area offers spectacular sunsets and stargazing in a sky that seems somehow too big.  Guests will enjoy a 10-15 degree cooler temperature than Palm Springs. Nearby Joshua Tree National Park offers almost 800,000 acres of sharp contrasts. The landscape is foreign – jagged mountains, strange rock formations, and of course Joshua Trees – strange, twisted, spiky and strangely beautiful. Such sharp contrasts against brilliant blue skies or brilliant red sunsets make wedding photographs stunning. Many couples opt to marry near a Joshua Tree.

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Against this backdrop is nestled Rim Rock Ranch. A lodge house, four cabins, the Hatch House (named for Hatch Show prints that are displayed) and a funky Airstream trailer are surrounded by pristine landscaping. The Lodge house, the main building,  offers guests several bedrooms, a loft, even an outdoor fireplace. The cabins, each an original 1940s , have knotty pine walls and chimineas. A whimsical mix of antiques, bohemian flair and style are playfully mixed with more modern conveniences for guests, such as air conditioning, DVD players and complimentary movies.  The grounds also include an observation deck, fire pits and a swimming pool known as the “cowboy plunge.”

The Hatch House is a wonderfully modern honeymoon suite. Complete with fully equipped kitchen, stocked bathroom, dining room and sitting area, the Hatch House allows the wedded couple privacy while still remaining close by. The Airstream trailer, playfully known as the “Purple Passion Pit” has become a favorite backdrop of many wedding shots. Brilliant silver against the blue sky, the Airstream is yet another reason Rim Rock Ranch is so sought after as a wedding venue.

Featured in the LA Times as well as being named one of the “Coolest Places to Get Married,” this venue offers couples and their guests something different….a chance to get away. Weddings at the Rim Rock Ranch strike an amazing balance between flair, whimsy, and romance. This venue is able to reflect a couples’ desire for a truly unique wedding location.  For guests, arriving  will mean a possible surrender of cell phone as service can be spotty. Perhaps that is one of the best qualities of a wedding venue at Rim Rock Ranch. Against such an amazing landscape, decorated with an artful mix of antiques. guests are given the opportunity to escape, relax, celebrate and truly focus on the event…and each other.


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Check out The Rim Rock Ranch to find out more about venue and booking details: www.therimrockranch.com

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