Why Not To Rule Out A Winter Wedding

Many brides-to-be have been dreaming about their big day since they were knee high. With a million and one preconceived notions about how their wedding will be, it can be hard to dissuade an upcoming bride about what she wants. Fortunately brides-to-be often get a shock when they actually begin planning the event and find out just how much things will cost them.

If you are a budget wedding planner bride looking for the right venue, then don’t immediately throw out the notion of a winter wedding. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why you should at least mull the idea around before deciding on something different!

Winter Wedding Ideas & Examples

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Rule Out A Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Off Season Booking Perks

–          Lower Prices – A main draw towards a winter wedding is the fact that it is off season and you can enjoy lower prices. More brides are attracted to the lure of bright sunny days during the summer, meaning the higher demand equates to much higher prices!

–          Less Competition – Not only does off season mean you have more of a chance of getting the day you want, but you are more likely to avoid competition on the venue you want.  Spend the money you saved on getting more food for your guests, going on a more luxurious honeymoon, or simply avoid unnecessary debt by not spending as much!

–          Beautiful Landscapes – if you are lucky enough to have a snowfall right before your wedding then the blanket of white around everything will look truly breathtaking in your photos as well as in person. Additionally the snow can cap nearby mountains, and gives a magical feeling to everything!

Winter Wedding Outdoor Ideas

–          Marquee – Just because it is cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have an outdoor themed wedding. Marquees allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of an outdoor wedding without any of the negatives. You can have a marquee with either clear sides and roof, or one with  windows throughout for a beautiful view of the snow outside. Additionally, many of the marquee vendors offer cheaper rates during the winter and will have heating options to help stave away the cold.

Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

–          Christmas wedding – For those who love the idea of Christmas and want to incorporate a holiday theme into their winter wedding, then a red and green color scheme would look phenomenal. Additionally, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, candy canes and more would look amazing!

–          Snow White – Being a white princess in a winter themed wedding is a popular and elegant theme for winter weddings. Use a striking red for your lips and use red and white roses as your flowers. The beautiful deep red alongside the white look elegant, sexy and timeless both in person and in your photos.

–          Winter Wonderland – Bling out your entire wedding in a new way other than traditional sparkles. Use luxurious ice sculptures, extensive use of lights, and tons of mirrors to create a brilliant winter wonderland feel for your white winter wedding!

Winter Wedding Food/Drink

–          Fire pit roasts – Keep the warm fire theme going with a huge roasted pig or animal over a spit! This is a great way to feed everyone on a budget as well as keep them warm!

–          Spiced Eggnog – What can be better than some spiced eggnog on a cold winter night? Not only is it an affordable drink to make and share with your guests, but it is definitely a great way to liven up the mood and warm your bellies!

–          Hot chocolate – If you are going for a comfortable and warm option for drinks and snacks, then set out a s’mores bar along with some hot chocolate ingredients. This is perfect and affordable! Include tons of marshmallows so children and adults alike can enjoy their drinks just the way they like them!

–          S’mores bar – Yummy! Who doesn’t love s’mores? You can have a lovely display of all the s’mores essentials which allows you and your guests to sit around a roaring fire and enjoy each other’s company while you snack!

–          Mulled Wine – Delicious and warming, mulled wine will be the perfect beverage to liven up your reception and get the guests warmed up!

–          Holiday Mojito – Having an inside reception and want to have a variety of drinks for your guests? Try a lovely holiday mojito. It brings an enchanting Christmas feeling and really livens up the mood!

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  1. Anastasia seaton says:

    I’m planning my winter wedding for this February. It’s such a special month since my fiance proposed just before Valentines Day and I absolutely love the weather. I dont see why more people don’t have a winter wedding – the venues are cheaper, the snow makes a bride look fabulous in photos, and what’s more satisfying than some delicious hot food and drinks on a cold winter day? My venue is a hotel with large fireplaces everywhere and I’m only paying about two grand to rent it for the day/night! It’s perfect I’m so excited and I hope other brides follow suit and choose a winter wedding because there is such a wider selection of affordable venues!

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