Rustic Wedding Ideas – Mason Jar Decorations

Rustic Wedding Ideas – Mason Jar Decorations

Mason jars are beautiful accents for any wedding, especially those with a rustic theme. Additionally these decorations work well with a lot of DIY wedding ideas and themes because they are so easy to get ahold of, incredibly cheap, and need very little tampering (if any at all) before they are ready to be placed out on the big day.

Check out our wedding reception planning tips or, for those of you looking for some DIY wedding tips, rustic wedding ideas, or simply some great inspiration for incorporating mason jars into your wedding, then check out these beautiful examples of mason jars featured in previous weddings below!

Mason Jar Decorations and Ideas

Mason Jar Decorations

Adding lace is a great way to incorporate your mason jars into your theme!

Mason Jar Decorations 2

Different sizes are perfect for adding a unique look to your wedding decor!

Mason Jar Decorations 3

These flowers look amazing in a simple mason jar! Love all of the lights around them too!

Mason Jar Decorations 4

Stickers and tape allow personalized name tags for your drinks in mason jars!

Mason Jar Decorations 5

Incorporate your rustic wedding decorations into the reception by having them hold your straws or other items!

Mason Jar Decorations 6

Another fabulous example of mason jars being used as drinks at weddings!

Mason Jar Decorations 7

Some beautiful rustic ceremony decorations with mason jars! Whether you have silk flowers or real flowers, this is a chic and rustic way to decorate!

Mason Jar Decorations 8

Simple flowers and simple decorations for a truly fabulous look!

Mason Jar Decorations 9

A simple rustic ceremony decoration using mason jars and flowers!

Mason Jar Decorations 10

More lovely flowers in mason jars! So elegant and chic!

Mason Jar Decorations 11

Add some bling to your rustic ceremony by spray painting the mason jars to your liking! Gold looks fabulous, but what about ceremony colors?

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