Simple Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitations

diy burlap and lace wedding invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations

Simple Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitations

Nothing is quite as elegant and chic as burlap and lace. The color combination and the beauty of it simple makes it a stunning choice for any couples wedding. Fortunately, there is also tons of inspiration out there to really take the traditional burlap and lace wedding and make it unique.

If you are going for more of a budget friendly wedding and are looking at some DIY wedding invitations, then you are definitely going to love this fantastic way to make some simple burlap and lace wedding invitations for your big day! Utilizing some simple printed paper, a lace doily, and some ribbon, you can create a fabulous wedding invitation that looks incredibly professional but costs a fraction less than if you had bought them already made!

Simple DIY Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitation Tutorial

diy wedding invitations

Step 1 – Design and print off simple invitations on brown paper. Make sure to get your RSVP included as well! Also, it’s a good idea to try and match the brown paper up with your invitations unless you’re going the snazzy route and getting different colored invitations to match your accent color!

Step 2 – Get accent colored ribbon. This is to tie together the entire invitation packet and hold your lace doily around your papers. You can make this ribbon as thin or as wide as you want, however we found it much easier to handle thinner ribbon and it also made the invitations easier to mail!

Step 3 – Buy lace doilies. Lace doily sets are available in 4”, 8” 12” and many sizes in between! The easiest one is to get an 8” lace doily set and simply trim it down like we did in the photos. There are tons at your local store (Wal-Mart, Target, etc), or you can shop online:

Royal Medallion Lace Round Paper Doilies, 8-Inch, Pack of 20 

diy lace doily invitations

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Step 4 – Now that you’ve got the lace doilies, you can then begin to wrap them around your invitations and fold them in place. You can cut the excess fabric ahead of time if you’ve got the tools (a craft paper cutter), or you can simply cut them while they are already on the invitations themselves using either scissors or a box cutter.

Step 5 – Tie the beautiful burlap and lace invitations together with your ribbon. You can be creative and loop the ribbon through the lace holes on the doily, or you can simply place it on top and tie it. Use some super glue to securely adhere the ribbon together then place it in your envelopes!

Finished Product

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